Crafty and Creative Favorites From Simply Kelly Designs

First off, a little update. If you follow along on social media you know that the baby has not arrived yet. He is being stubborn! Hopefully, he will be here in the next few days.

Today, my dear friend (in real life) Kelly from Simply Kelly Designs is sharing a few of her crafty and creative favorites. Kelly and I met a few years ago at a friends bunko night. We hit it off immediately and when I found out she was crafty and had a scrapbooking blog I knew we were a match made in heaven. Kelly and I saw JT (as in Justin Timberlake) together in December (yes, rocking the bump at 20+ weeks at a concert). We chat via text/twitter/and Facebook message often. I’m so glad she could be here today to share some of her favorite projects.


Hi Sew Woodsy readers! I’m Kelly of Simply Kelly Designs where I am happily scrapbooking and crafting through life. I have two young children and most of the projects that I create usually have something to do with them! These are 12 of my favorite crafts that I have created.

Crafty and Creative Favorites From Simply Kelly Designs

1. Persimmon Paper Roses (read now or pin for later)
These were created to bring cheer to my son’s teacher after her surgery. These roses look real but are maintenance free!

2. Captain America Tie Dye Shirts (read now or pin for later)
I made these patriotic tie dye shirts so that my kids could match while we were on vacation for the 4th of July.

3. Glitter Candy Cane Ornament (read now or pin for later)
I wanted to add some bling to our Christmas tree and was inspired to create this ornament when I saw candy cane shaped cookie cutters on sale at the craft store.

4. Felt Scarecrow Hat (read now or pin for later)
My daughter’s class had Scarecrow Day instead of having a Halloween party. I decided to create this scarecrow hat for her to wear and a no-sew shirt to go with it.

5. Disney Autograph Books (read now or pin for later)
These were created the day before we left on our Disney cruise. My kids loved showing these off to all the characters and I received so many nice comments about them!

6. Dr. Seuss Photo Booth Props (read now or pin for later)
I created these photo props to use in my children’s classrooms. I am the photographer for both classes so these came in handy on Dr. Seuss’s birthday. This post includes a free cut file.

7. Printable Baby Whale Themed Monthly and First Year Cards (read now or pin for later)
I created these cards for Katie’s virtual baby shower. Her baby’s nursery is whale themed so I took that and ran with it. I mailed her the cards and the Project Life mini album. This post includes a free download of the cards.

8. Standup Elmo Card (read now or pin for later)
I created this card for a sweet little girl who had an Elmo themed 3rd birthday party. I couldn’t resist putting some bling on there too!

9. No Sew Headband and Tiara Holders (read now or pin for later)
My princess had headbands and tiaras all over her room. I couldn’t take it anymore so she and I made these no-sew headband and tiara holders.

10. Summer Scrapbooks by Kids (read now or pin for later)
My kids created their own pocket style 6×8 inch scrapbooks of their adventures last summer.

11. Project 365 (read now or pin for later)
I have been doing Project 365 (scrapbooking a photo a day) since January of 2009. This post show all my Project 365 layouts from 2013.

12. Finished Preschool Scrapbook (read now or pin for later)
This is a show and tell about my daughter’s preschool scrapbook. It includes info about how I scrap crafts, class photos, momentos, etc.

You can find all these posts on my Favorite Crafts Pinterest board. Thank you to Katie for letting me share my favorite projects with you. I hope I have given you a little crafty inspiration today!



  1. Thank you for having me guest post Katie! I know you are a little impatient to meet your baby but it will all be worth it when you hold him for the first time! I am so excited for you and Jon. Hugs!

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