Easy DIY Easter Planter

Today, we have the sweet Wendi here from H2OBungalow. She is a local Central Florida Blogger. We’ve really started to get a great group of DIYers down here in Central Florida! Wendi and I met at a local blog conference last year and then had the chance to work on the Share the Joy office makeover for the Central Florida Children’s Home. Today, she is sharing this super cute and easy, DIY Easter planter!

Easy DIY Easter Planter

I’m Wendi and I blog over at H2OBungalow.  I’m thrilled to be here today filling in for Katie while she’s enjoying her first weeks of motherhood!

With Easter just a few short weeks away, I thought it would be fun to share an easy Easter planter project.  If you’re not familiar with my blog I love crafting and home decorating projects that I can use in multiple ways.  Why?  Because we live in a small home. I’m always on the lookout for multiple ways to use the same item so I have less to store and keep organized.  This cute and colorful decorative planter can be used for Easter, Mothers Day, a hostess gift or a cheery spring decoration. Today I’m going to display it as an Easter planter decoration.

This is what you’ll need to make your own Easter planter decoration.

  • Terra-cotta pot
  • Acrylic craft paint
  • Chalkboard paint
  • Chalk
  • Paintbrush
  • Painters tape
  • Easter grass and a few plastic eggs

Start by painting the entire terra-cotta pot.  I painted mine with two coats of white paint and allowed it to dry between coats.

start with plain terracottaCut out an oblong circle to use as a guide and trace it onto your pot with a pencil.  This will be the chalkboard label.  Paint two coats of black chalkboard paint on your label.

sketch on your terra cotta pot with a pencil

Take your painters tape and tape off the top of the rim on your terra cotta pot like the picture below.  You’ll paint the first purple stripe on the bottom of the planter.  Go ahead and take the tape off of the planter before it’s completely dry.  Once this section has dried you’ll tape just below the top rim and paint that as well.  I guesstimated the sizes of the stripes.  If you’re not comfortable with eyeballing how wide the stripes are, you could always use a ruler.

tape off bottom rim

Let me share a tip with you now that will make taping much easier.  You’ll find it a lot easier to use several pieces of tape to go around the rim instead of trying to fit one long piece.  Just be sure to overlap the beginning and end pieces to have a clean and straight line.

paint top rimNext, add the green little squiggles all the way around your planter.  Start at the back so your last green squiggle will end in the back of your planter.  This is helpful just in case the last green line is shorter or a little longer than the others it won’t show.  Don’t worry about getting everything completely even.  Artwork isn’t supposed to be perfect like a machine made it 🙂

Last I added a few colorful flowers.  Follow the steps below to paint the flowers like mine. Only dip the very tip of your paint brush into the paint to have uniform, crisp and petite flowers.  I added a litle yellow dot at the center of each flower for color.

paint tips

All you have left is to add some Easter cheer, maybe some Easter grass and a few eggs.

Easy DIY Easter Planter Finished

This is a fun and easy project to do.  I ‘m using this Easter planter as an Easter basket centerpiece for our dining table.  My youngest “baby” is 17 and I will probably decorate it with candy and a few chocolate goodies for him on Easter Sunday.

Thanks for joining me today for my Easter planter project.  I hope you have fun with this versatile project!

Just out of curiosity…what type of Easter candy would you fill this with?



  1. Katie, Thanks for having me over to guest post today! Congratulations on your new bundle of joy! Cherish every moment you can with him, they grow up so fast 🙂 Sending big hugs your way! ~ Wendi

  2. This is awesome, Wendi! Painting is so therapeutic for me, this project is right up my alley. I love the concept of “bunny food,” too!

  3. Pretty Easter planters Wendi – I love them!

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