Fresh Upcycle Tips and Advice from Fresh Idea Studio

Today, we have Therese from Fresh Idea Studio. She is a local Central Florida blogger, and we got to meet last year at Haven and then saw each other again at the Florida Social Media & Blogger Conference! I’m so excited to have her share her fresh upcycle tips and advice today.


Fresh Upcycle Tips and Advice from Therese of Fresh Idea Studio

Spring is in the air and there’s something special about this season that makes it the perfect time to freshen up our homes with an awesome upcycle.

Upcycling a.k.a. reuseing something in such a way as to create a higher quality or value than the original.

Upcyle projects can save you $$ and give you the satisfaction of creating something that’s totally original, one-of-a-kind. Plus, they’re whole lot of fun and only require a little outside-of-the-box thinking to make them happen.

I don’t know about you but I love to Fabulously Restyle Everything for Self & Home and I’d like to share my 4 easy ways you can change old items into something trendy, fun and {you guessed it} fresh for your home.

Upcycle Tips and Advice by Fresh Idea Studio













Shop your house.

I’m not talking about hopping on the internet and having it delivered to my door (even though I really enjoy that, too!), I talking about the kind of shopping that requires a $0 budget. The big goose egg. No dinero.


You guessed it.

Not spending a dime. Using what you already have!

shop at home



How is that possible?

To shop at home simply take a stroll around your house with a new set of eyes. Look for items that you’re bored of, haven’t had much use for or maybe feel like you could never get rid of because it was grandmas, your first big purchase or whatever… (you fill in the blank here).

Regardless of the reason, take a 2nd look. It’s time to give it a fresh, new look.

Getting creative with simple coat of spray paint in a hot color (or even all white DIY Paris-Paint) can make all the difference in a good upcyle.

Try your hand at something like the old console table and bench I repurposed recently for our middle daughter’s tween bedroom makeover or the 2-into-1 project I upcycled for our teenage daughter’s birthday last year.

diy pretty pink vanity before and after by Fresh Idea Studio

Any upcycle is a good thing but it doesn’t have to be a big project to fit the bill.

Upcyling can be as small and straightforward as a repurposed cookie container or cute DIY storage for a weekend pantry makeover. DIY Kitchen Pantry Organizing collage

Personally, I think the very best upcycles are when you take the most basic item and completely change it’s function.

Like the empty water bottles-turned-Happy Spring Wreath; now that’s a fabulous green upcycle if there ever was one!

What about F-R-E-E?

Who likes free stuff?

free to me



Now that you’re aware I’m comfortable digging through my recycling bin to DIY, you should know I’m not afraid to stop for a good roadside find either like an ugly piece of office furniture I revamped into a chic preppy chair.

Kate Spade Inspired Chair before and after

Live a little!

Stop and turn that mommy mobile around next time you spy a good thing!

And, don’t let the fact that it’s someone else’s trash keep you from making it a rescued beauty.

Trust me.

When you see it, you’ll know it! And, I promise it’s a liberating (and rewarding) experience you won’t regret as long as you look beyond the surface to see if the “trash” is worth the work to upcycle.

Good bones and not too grungy. Enough said.

Let’s go thrifting.

thrifty treasures


You know the saying. One man’s trash is…

Well, thrift stores, estate sales, yard sales and Craig’s List are great sources to find items to upcycle into trendy and creative home decor and they usually cost very little.

Whether it’s a thrift store find for a fur baby like the pet carrier I made over for our Shorkie, Tebow.DIY Pet Crate Makeover Before and After

Or a piece of furniture you can’t live without and have to have for your youngest baby’s room.

Keep your eye out for items you could put to good use around your home.

Some of my favorite Thrifty Treasures are: picture frames (they can always be revamped in a fun, bold color), chairs with nice legs 😉 (like these here and here)and even coffee mug holders or small bowls (they make super stylish organizers for jewelry, etc.)

And, lastly for the absolute easiest tip to freshen up your home –


location location location



Take a bench or hutch or anything else for that matter and…

claw foot burlap bench AFTER

try it in an entirely different place in your house.

With this one simple move, you’ll love your home in a fresh, new way.

DIY bench makeover

So my SewWoodsy friends, let’s get going!

You know you have some old thing you can think of just waiting for you to repurpose, spruce up, move around and fresh for Spring.

Don’t over think it. Just do it.

So, what are you thoughts on upcycling? I’d love to hear.

Stop by and visit me at Fresh Idea Studio anytime. It’s Your Place for DIY and the door is always open.



  1. My sweet friend Therese always has great ideas! Happy you have her sharing today! Have a great weekend ~Sonya

  2. It’s awesome hanging out with your readers today Katie. Thanks for having me as you enjoy your new baby boy.

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