{Printable} Ideas Come From Curiosity

Today, I’m so excited to have Amy from Mod Podge Rocks. Did you know that she also runs 2 other blogs DIY Candy and Washi Tape Crafts?!?! Amy is a busy lady and one of the sweetest gals I know! We met her at Haven 2 years ago, and her bubbly online personality is exactly how she is in real life. Most recently, Amy launched a new stencil line with Mod Podge. Check out the spring glitter stenciled vase I made using it. Today, Amy is sharing with us a free printable

Ideas come from curiosity free printable 2Hello Sew Woodsy readers! This is Amy from Mod Podge Rocks, DIY Candy and Washi Tape Crafts. Yes, I’m a busy lady with my three blogs – but never too busy for Katie. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting her and her husband in person, and they are fabulous. I’m so excited for their new baby!

Today I wanted to share a printable I created using a favorite quote from Walt Disney. Have you ever felt like your creativity is stifled? I know I have, and I actually went through one of those periods recently. Sometimes all the work and the on demand creativity required just gets overwhelming. It’s almost as if you forget how to come up with good ideas.

I made this free printable so that I would have a reminder to hang above my desk. The ideas never stop flowing as long as you are curious! So If you are having a dry spell, put down the computer and get out into the world. Browse magazines. Store windows. Gift shops. Go to the bookstore and poke around for information on new topics. Basically, get the juices flowing again by exposing yourself to new things . . . be curious, and then wait for the ideas to come.

This is especially important for bloggers who spend their lives in front of the computer (guilty as charged). I hope you’ll print this out and heed the advice, too. The ideas will never stop – but you have to feed them. Download the printable below!

Ideas Come From Curiosity Free Printable

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