Up-Cycle Furniture Round-Up From My Repurposed Life

Today, we have our sweet friend Gail, from My Repurposed Life sharing some pretty darn amazing up-cycles. If you’re not familiar with Gail’s blog you need to go check it out asap. She is all about transforming thrift store finds into amazing new pieces! We met Gail 2 years ago at Haven and have stayed in touch with her since then. We typically chat via email and every time we see her its like we picked up where we last left off! We can’t wait to see Gail in a few short months at Haven and introduce her to our new baby boy! I’m so excited for you to see some of Gail’s amazing projects today!


Hello friends of SewWoodsy, I’m Gail from My Repurposed Life, and I am so happy to be filling in for Katie today as she and Jon celebrate their sweet baby boy Ryder Thomas! He is a precious bundle of joy! So happy for the Sew Woodsy family!

If you love a good thrift store find, or a great repurpose of said find, I think you’ll love the projects I’ll be sharing with you today, because they are generally plentiful at your local thrift store. You may even have some of these items already in your “stash”.


Up-Cycle Furniture Round-Up From My Repurposed LifeAt first glance, you may think I just painted this desk, but if you look closely (count the drawers) you’ll see that I have cut the desk down to make it kid-friendly. You can get all the details in the post Kid’s Camouflage Desk.

Up-Cycle Furniture Round-Up From My Repurposed Life - repurposed-desk-lingerie-chestThis desk had been stored for years in my basement after my daughter got a new one. I dismantled it and remade the desk into a tall chest that has the same amount of storage, but takes up a lot less room. Many of my repurposed pieces find a new home, but not this one—I kept this one and use it in my bedroom.

desk-into-kitchen-islandThis was my daughter’s “new” desk after the one above. When I transformed this desk into a kitchen island, I actually took it out of her room (after she had graduated college and moved away). This project is another one that I’ve kept. I use it every day in the kitchen, but not generally for cooking or food prep. I made it taller than usual, customizing it to be “elbow” height for me. This makes it easy on the back for crafting, painting, and even wrapping presents.

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vintage-dresser-benchI found this dresser on the curb, it had already been dismantled, but I picked up all of the pieces from the yard and brought everything home, not knowing what I would do with everything. Once I decided that this dresser should be a bench, it all just sort of fell into place.

dresser-lego-tableI typically have a $5 limit on my thrift store purchases, sometimes I bump it up to $10. This $20 dresser was an unusual buy for me, but I knew when I bought it that I would get two projects out of it. I cut it apart to use the top of it for this unique DIY Lego storage table. This was a custom piece for my cousin’s boys. She plans to purchase Lego plates for the top of the dresser so the kids can build right onto the building base plates. It has 3 drawers for storage, in addition to the two rolling seats that open for storage.

repurposed-dresser-kids-benchI used the bottom of the dresser to make this children’s storage bench. I removed the original bottom and replaced it with some thrifted trim, using bead board for the back. It’s a very sturdy piece, strong enough to hold adults.

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headboard-bench-kitchen-cabinetHeadboards are sort of my specialty. Many people find My Repurposed Life by looking for headboard benches. This twin headboard was a freebie from a friend. I paid $5 for the kitchen cabinet at my local Habitat ReStore. This headboard bench using a kitchen cabinet is one of my all-time favorites.

repurposed-bunkbed-headboard-benchThis headboard bench with a storage shelf was made from a bunk bed. This was my first attempt at making a bench with a lower shelf. It’s more for décor, not so much for curling up with a good book.

repurposed-headboard-flower-bed-planterI used this old headboard to make a flowerbed planter. The actual flower bed box, is pine boards made to look like a dresser drawer.

More headboard projects

If you like to repurpose or up-cycle random things, check out my page of 250+ repurposed furniture and household items.


Thank you so much Katie and Jon for allowing me to be a guest as you enjoy your maternity leave. I hope you both are enjoying that sweet baby boy.



  1. Gail is the best out there at repurposing furniture, and the nicest too!

  2. I’m so happy to be hanging out here today!

    Thank you Julie for your kind words! Blog friends are the best.


  3. Gail is amazing, a truly talented repurposing master!

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