15 Nursing Cover Tutorials

15 Nursing Cover Tutorials

Before the baby was born I was busy sewing up some projects. I’m glad I sewed when I had the chance because I still have a few projects I want to get too, but I think they will be waiting for a few more weeks. One project that came to mind was a nursing cover. The big box stores charge on average $30 for a nursing cover. I think I made mine for under $10 and even better I got to choose the fabric I wanted! Since there are already tons of fabulous tutorials out on the web already, I really didn’t feel the need to re-create the wheel or steps. So here is a gist of how I made mine plus I have 15 full tutorials below of exactly how you can make your own.

How To Make a Nursing Cover

Sewing your own nursing cover is really easy and took me less than an hour to complete. Since I got a serger last year I now serge all my fabric before starting my projects, so that added additional time on to the sewing project.  I can’t wait to make more for all my friends who are popping out babies!

Nursing Cover Tutorial Round-Up

I used my nursing cover in the first week. We were at our first pediatrician appointment and Mr. Ryder was hungry. What was a new mom suppose to do? Nurse her baby of course. I had no fear. I remembered that my nursing cover was in the diaper bag. I whipped it out, grabbed the baby and the rest was history. Funny story, they actually called him soon after I started feeding him, so there I was walking and feeding my newborn (oh and I failed to mention that I was on maybe 3 hours of sleep and felt like I was a zombie (and looked liked it too–hence the fab photo! lol).

15 Nursing Cover Tutorials 

  1. DIY Nursing Cover from Sew Much Ado
  2. Nursing Cover Pattern with Pocket from Craftaholics Anonymous
  3. DIY Nursing Cover Tutorial from Pretty Prudent
  4. How to Make a Nursing Cover from Little Birdie Secrets
  5. Nursing Cover Tutorial from Diary of A Quilter
  6. DIY Nursing Cover from Suburbamom
  7. Bow Nursing Cover Pattern and Tutorial from Thirty-One 10
  8. Nursing Cover Tutorial from See Mommy Doing
  9. Breastfeeding Cover Tutorial from Freshly Picked
  10. Nursing Cover Tutorial from The Southern Institute
  11. How to Make a Nursing Cover & Case from Three Gentlemen and a Lady
  12. How to Make a Nursing Cover from DIY Maternity
  13. Nursing Cover Tutorial from TaDa! Creations
  14. Nursing Cover with Secret Pocket from Sew 4 Home
  15. Nursing Cover Tutorial from Lil’ Luna

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