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creating video content: ResourcesToday, we are sharing some of our go-to resources when creating video content. Do you struggle to find music? What about what platform to upload too? We will answer all the major questions that we feel that everyone struggles with when creating video content in today’s post.

Editing Programs: Let’s first talk about what you will edit your video on. They can range anywhere from free that comes standard on your computer or paid up to a few hundred dollars.

  • YouTube – If you don’t have access to any editing software you can upload your video to YouTube under private and then edit right on the website. Very basic editing like adding intro and outro, text, and music.
  • iMovie – this is what we currently use. It comes free on all Mac’s and is very easy to use!
  • Adobe Premiere – more bells and whistles than iMovie. Retails for $100
  • Final Cut Pro – this is what we want to purchase and learn. A lot more bells and whistles and will give your videos the polished professional look you might be looking for. Retails for $300.

Royalty Free Music: finding royalty free music can be difficult. I’ve found its almost near impossible to find it for free. You can search on SoundCloud but you’ll waste hours trying to find something for free. I’ve purchased from and they charge .99 per song. You also have and they charge $39 per song. I think they have the best quality. Both Jewel Beat and are easy to search and purchase from.

Uploading your video: I think it’s a given by now. YouTube is probably where 99% of us will host our videos. After all YouTube is the number 2 search engine in the world. You can only create sponsored product placement style videos if you are a YouTube partner, so keep this in mind if you plan to work with a brand on a video. You can still monetize; however, you must check the appropriate box when you’re choosing your monetization settings for a video. This doesn’t mean that your video will not get ads. YouTube will just check what type of product it is to make sure it doesn’t conflict with your Ads.

Other hosting sites to think about if you don’t want to upload to YouTube (or maybe you want to upload to YouTube plus others).

  • Vimeo
  • Facebook – maybe you want to post a small teaser video directly on Facebook?
  • Instagram and Vine – I like to do a teaser video guiding my followers on these social platforms to head on over to the blog to watch the full video. We’ve also worked on campaigns where they request us to do a teaser video in real time while we are working on the project!

So there you have it… a few of our resources on where to find music, editing programs, and video hosting.

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  1. I’m working on a video series right now for DIY dollhouse furniture. Great post! Thank you!

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