Creating Video Content: Video Styles

Creating Video Content: Video Styles + FilmingTwo week’s ago we shared are tips on how to choose a topic & how to plan for your video. Today we are going to go through the different video styles and some basic tips when filming. Do you know what the difference is between A roll and B roll? You will know what it is after reading todays post.

Let’s talk about the style of the video. 

“Look Live” – this term means you are talking on camera.  Like looking at the camera and showing the project being done “live”.

“Voice Over” – you show the process step-by-step but never show yourself doing the project like you would in a “look live” instead you record your voice and put that over the video giving the instructions.

Non-Speaking Videos – with this style of video we are simply creating without any voice.

Now that you know about different styles I challenge you to look at some of your favorite television shows. They switch from A roll to B roll and you don’t even notice it. Think about on a food show they show the primary footage than pan to the host cutting food. That footage of them cutting food is considered B roll.

  • A roll is the primary footage
  • B roll is the secondary footage and is not as important but still can be used.

This is why its important to storyboard in the beginning to figure out what you want to film as B roll, especially if you don’t have 2 cameras filming at once. Best way to describe “B” roll is panning to someone hammering in a nail, or maybe fluffing a pillow. It’s the tiny details that may get missed in the primary footage.

Next week we will share a variety of resources from where to find royalty free music to where to host your video.

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