Christmas 2014

christmas morning with the family

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. I wanted to share a few photos of Ryder’s first Christmas. I know we’ve been absent over the past week. I’ve been trying to take more time with family and less with work. It’s a constant struggle of time when you are self employed. You tend to work around the clock–or at least I do! We spent Christmas Eve at my inlaws house and Christmas day at our house. After Ryder woke up we took as many family photos as he would allow us too until he completely melted down and it was time for his morning nap. Then once he woke up we opened up a few gifts. During nap time Jon and I took the time to open a few gifts with each other. It was a nice treat to have the quiet time together and enjoy opening a few gifts with just the two of us. We had brunch with my parents and aunt and uncle from New Jersey while he was napping too. A nice treat to have a quiet brunch! Then he woke up and we opened up a few gifts, went back down for a nap, and then opened up more gifts. It took us all day (and we didn’t have that many gifts to open). Just about each gift we played with for a little bit!

parents looking at christmas gift

I’m so thankful that my aunt and uncle were in town and even more so that my aunt could snap a few photos for us. If not I would have setup the tripod!

santa baby

Mr. teethies… 6 teeth and his two top incisors are trying to break through (which makes for the crankiest baby on the planet–don’t let his smile fool you)!

crawling santa baby

Crawling away from the tree to take photos.

crying santa baby

Really mad at us for putting him back by the tree.

christmas morning toys

Then we showed him his toy and he was entertained for a little bit.

Colorful Christmas Tree and Baby

I never got to share a photo of our tree… so here you go in all it’s Christmas morning glory!

christmas baby and yorkie

The best photo I could get of the two of them together.

baby opening up christmas gift

Opening up a gift from Santa!

family on christmas morning

Ryder opening up one of his gifts from my aunt and uncle.

baby and dad opening gift

Playing with his toy before it’s even unwrapped!

3 generations on christmas

3 generations on Christmas morning (that’s my mom)!

baby playing a piano

This kid loves music and he was loving his new piano from his grammy and pap pap!

So that was our Christmas in a nutshell. We hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and has a healthy and happy 2015!

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