Gifting Christmas

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Gifting Christmas
Last month we were contacted by Martha Stewart living to trim a tree. We’ve participated in past years. Since we already own 2 trees we weren’t going to participate. That’s when it dawned on me that it would be cool to “gift” Christmas to a family member. My mother inlaw has talked about wanting a new artificial tree ever since I spent the first Christmas with Jon and his family 12 years ago. I ran the idea by Jon and my friends at Martha Stewart living and they both loved the idea!
I called up my mother inlaw and asked her if we could give Christmas to her. She wasn’t sure what I meant by my question. So I explained what it meant over the phone. She was beyond ecstatic! She had a list of items chosen by the next day. A few weeks later and our shipment arrived!
Martha Stewart Living Christmas Tree
We brought everything over on thanksgiving, and Jon even set the tree up that same day! We were all talking and eating in the other room, and I was curious to see where Jon went… then I found him in his dress clothes… putting up the Christmas tree!

Christmas Decorations in Boxes
We left the decorations behind, and over the course of a few weeks my mother in-law and Jon decorated the tree together.
decorating christmas tree
This tree is much different than her past trees. She received all new ornaments from the Snowberry collection. Typically her tree was full of childhood ornaments, handmade ornaments, and photos. She loved switching it up this year. We had a tree-topper but it wouldn’t fit on top without scraping up against the ceiling! So I made an ivory bow instead!
Martha Stewart Living Christmas Ornaments
Everyone loves all the new ornaments on the tree.
Christmas Decor
Christmas Tree
Metal Reindeer
Jon and Ryder sitting by the Christmas Tree
My boys enjoying the tree! My inlays were sitting on the couches across from them and everyone was enjoying a good conversation and the beauty of the Christmas tree!
Christmas Wreath
And on top of my mother inlaw getting a new tree she got a new wreath for between the two windows! She’s always wanted a large 48-inch wreath for outside.
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