Master Bedroom Refresh – Spring 2015

Master Bedroom Refresh - Spring 2015; @MarthaStewartLiving Whim Collection

I’m so excited to share a little refresh we recently did to our master bedroom. Our bedding is a few years old now and thanks to our adorable dog she had ripped parts of our comforter. She’s tiny and likes to “fluff” before she lays down… resulting in her tearing it with her razor sharp teeth! So we knew it was time to retire our old comforter set and come up with a new look. At the same time we decided this my friends at Martha Stewart Living contacted me and asked me if I would like to try out the new Martha Stewart Whim Collection. After browsing through the different styles they offered and consulting with Jon, I agreed.

@MarthaStewartLiving Whim Collection at Macy's

The new Martha Stewart Whim Collection is a fresh, affordable collection designed for those who love to express their personal style. The collection has bright colors and fun prints and make’s it easy for you to mix and match and create your own look!

Master Bedroom Refresh - Spring 2015; @MarthaStewartLiving Whim Collection

Going into this master bedroom refresh, I knew that I didn’t want to replace our rug or repaint our nightstands or dressers so I had to find something that would match our current rug and furniture. I selected the Martha Stewart Whim Collection Pretty in Poppy Bedding Collection. This is a lot more pink and “girly” than Jon would normally go for but I felt it matched our current room look the best. Plus, Jon was all for not having to spend additional money or do any extra projects. The Pretty in Poppy bedding collection has a white base with poppy print in yellow, pink, coral & aqua. The price of the comforter set ranges from $25-$99 and the set includes comforter, one or two standard shams or two king shams & two decorative pillows. Yes an entire king comforter set for just $99! The best deal ever!

Master Bedroom Refresh - Spring 2015; @MarthaStewartLiving Whim Collection

I really loved the flamingo sheets that you could pair with this set but I knew Jon would not fly with poppy comforter plus flamingo sheets. So I opted for the Martha Stewart Whim Collection Aqua Dot Novelty Print 200 Thread Count King Sheet Set. I figured it would make the set a little more masculine.

Master Bedroom Refresh - Spring 2015; @MarthaStewartLiving Whim Collection

And then to add a little more masculine feel I added in a Martha Stewart Whim Collection Different Strokes Quilt. I love the contrast in colors and having a lightweight quilt and a thick comforter is ideal for Florida. Since it’s starting to warm up here we now have the thin quilt on our bed. It’s the perfect thickness for the coming hot Florida months.

Master Bedroom Refresh - Spring 2015; @MarthaStewartLiving Whim Collection

I love the layered look and was excited to surprise Jon when he got home from work to our master bedroom refresh. Even he was like “Woah our room looks totally different and very fancy”. Master Bedroom Refresh - Spring 2015; @MarthaStewartLiving Whim Collection

And after seeing it in our room and on our bed he actually doesn’t mind the flowers and pink/coral colors. Master Bedroom Refresh - Spring 2015; @MarthaStewartLiving Whim Collection

I added in beautiful aqua flowers to the room to give a little extra pop.
Master Bedroom Refresh - Spring 2015; @MarthaStewartLiving Whim Collection

I’m in love with our master bedroom again. I love the bright pop of color it has–it’s so inviting and just screams spring. Something that I think everyone is ready for! If you want to give your bedroom a refresh you can do it for as little as $100! Or splurge and spend $200 and you can have two different looks throughout the year!

Love the color of our master bedroom? It’s BEHR Anonymous!

Disclaimer: We received the bedding for review purposes. We were not compensated to create this post. As always all opinions are our own. 


  1. I hope I don’t sound harsh saying this, but I feel that I have seen a lot of sponsored content on your blog lately. I really would like to see the stuff that made your blog what it is again – the projects that you and your husband do, rather than floor cleaner, a bed in a box, etc…

    • Hi Amanda, thanks for leaving a comment. I’m sorry your not happy with the content you’ve been seeing lately. Our blog is my business and it’s how I am able to stay at home, take care of our son, and still be able to pay bills. We only endorse products that we are truly passionate about and want others to know about. We have quite a few fun DIY projects in the pipeline to share! Hope you stick around to see them! Thank you for your feedback.

  2. Karen McCann says:

    Super cute! What wall color is this?

  3. Jennifer P says:

    I love your room! I fell in love with this bedding collection and was trying to find some inspiration on making it look more adult! Thank you! 🙂

    • Hi Jennifer. So glad you love our room! We love it too! Yes–there is a way to make it look more like an adult and less like a teen! 🙂

  4. Elliott says:

    Are the sheets comfortable? I like the print but am concerned about the low thread count.

    • Hi Elliott. I was skeptical at first since I too prefer a much higher thread count. After a few washes and normal wear the sheets began to soften up but nothing like you would find in a 500+ thread count sheet! Hope that helps!

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