DIY Rustic Decorative Mirror

DIY Rustic Decorative Mirror
I’m excited to share with you a pretty cool DIY project today. I was contacted by our local Habitat Greater Orlando ReStore to create something “new” in honor of Earth Day coming up. Make sure you scroll down because there are 3 other projects to check out from my fellow Central Florida DIY bloggers. Jon and I are always transforming old items and making them new again. We’ve shared how to upcycle and upholster a chair, a bench, and a media stand to name a few.  We love giving items a fresh new look and boy did I do that with my DIY Rustic Decorative Mirror.

In case you aren’t familiar with the Habitat for Humanity ReStores… The Habitat Greater Orlando ReStore offers a variety of products for DIY projects – from household goods to home décor and furniture. The store also accepts donations of these gently used goods. All proceeds support Habitat’s mission of providing affordable homes for families in need. In 2013, more than 1,396, 800 pounds – or 28 fully loaded dump trucks – of usable household items were diverted from Central Florida landfills because of donated goods.

Habitat for Humanity ReStore Upcycle Challenge

I had my fierce little helper with me the day I visited my local ReStore. Not only did we pick up supplies for today’s project, but we also found some children’s books and a helmet for Ryder! They have a wide variety of items at the ReStore, not just DIY supplies. Think food, diapers, some clothing. The sky is the limit as to what they have!

Now, let’s get on to the project. I worked on this project over the course of a day. However, had I had uninterrupted time (huh, what’s that) I would have had this start to finish completed in less than 2 hours tops.


  • Mirror
  • 1 package of wood shims
  • sand paper
  • paint brush
  • Martha Stewart Crafts Acrylic Paints (Beetle Black, Arrowhead Chalkboard Paint, Gray Wolf, Chestnut Brown)
  • pencil
  • table saw
  • Hot Glue and Glue Gun
  • Wire and Needle Nose Pliers

DIY Rustic Decorative Mirror

First up, I took sand paper to each shim and lightly sanded so that the surface would be a little bit smoother when I went to paint.

DIY Rustic Decorative Mirror

Next up, time to paint. I did the dry brush method streaking on a tiny bit of paint as I went… mixing and coming up with my own color combos.

DIY Rustic Decorative Mirror

Once the shims were dry (which take maybe 15 minutes tops) it was time to make the cuts. Jon helped me figure out measurements and cut the wood.

DIY Rustic Decorative Mirror

Ryder sat outside the garage in his new wagon he got for his birthday and watched Elmo while we worked! *Please don’t leave comments about babies and screen time. We rarely ever let him watch tv let alone use the phone, but in a pinch we whip it out as a “treat”.

DIY Rustic Decorative Mirror

Jon cut each individual shim with the table saw.

DIY Rustic Decorative Mirror

We continued to fit the pieces of wood shims around the mirror like a puzzle.

DIY Rustic Decorative Mirror

We brought the cut shims and mirror back into the house. I painted half the backs of the inside shims. I did this so when it hangs over the mirror you’ll see a color and not the blond wood.

DIY Rustic Decorative Mirror

Next up, hot glue each shim on to the existing mirror frame.

DIY Rustic Decorative Mirror

Carefully, set each shim in place.

DIY Rustic Decorative MirrorThe mirror didn’t come with picture frame wire, so Jon added some on to the back of the frame.

DIY Rustic Decorative Mirror

There you have it in all it’s rustic decorative glory!

DIY Rustic Decorative Mirror

Jon was super impressed with my mirror project. He had no clue what I was talking about when I was trying to explain to him what I wanted to do. But after he saw it come together he was sold.

DIY Rustic Decorative MirrorThis is currently in our guest bathroom; however, we think we might move it into Ryder’s room because we love it so much!

DIY Rustic Decorative Mirror

And here I am… photographing the mirror. One thing that I hate photographing is mirrors! All together this project cost a little over $10 to remake! I know if you were shopping at a store you would find a mirror like this for well over $100!

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The Habitat for Humanity ReStore has a deal just for our readers! For every reader that donates to the ReStore and mentions that you read the blog post on Sew Woodsy during your visit, the store will provide $5 off their purchase of $20 or more.

Disclaimer: I received a store credit to purchase the bulk of my supplies. I did not receive any other compensation. As always all opinions are my own. 


  1. I absolutely LOVE this rustic mirror! Shims are one of my favorite {inexpensive} supplies to get creative with!

    • Thanks Keri! Yes I’m pretty in love with how this turned out. We are thinking about removing it from the bathroom and adding it to Ryder’s room!

  2. That turned out great! I almost bought one of those mirrors too! $5 is a great deal! 🙂

  3. Hi! I am the social media intern, blogger, helper and all-around fan at the Habitat Metro Maryland ReStores. I love seeing blog posts like yours! Thanks for the love and great project; I’ll share with our local ReStorers.

  4. Wow! Great idea using shims to add decoration to a piece! Real wood and easy to work with


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