DIY “My Dad Rocks” Onesie

My Dad Rocks Onesie - easy DIY project that baby can wear to honor dad!

I whipped up a quick onesie for Ryder so that he can show his love for “dada” on Father’s Day! I used a existing image found in the Cricut Design Space library and then added the “my” text. Like I said, super simple to do and “dada” loved it when he saw him wearing it for the mini photo shoot!  The best part is that I can add a few of the photos from our mini photo shoot into Jon’s Father’s day journal for this year!


Dad Rocks Baby Onesie

First up, I designed this graphic using Cricut Design Space.

My Dad Rocks Onesie

Then, I sent it to cut. Remember to click “mirror image” before you cut since you are cutting Iron-on vinyl.

My Dad Rocks Onesie 1

This is a layered Iron-on Vinyl design. So you’ll want to layer the bottom first. Iron on the first layer to the onesie for 20 seconds on high heat (use a light weight cloth to put over the vinyl).

My Dad Rocks Onesie 2

Next, place the top layer on the blue ironed on layer. Iron it on then add on the “my”.

My Dad Rocks Onesie

This is how it looked after it was complete.

My Dad Rocks Onesie 4

Let your baby or child wear it with pride!My Dad Rocks Onesie 8

My Dad Rocks Onesie 7

My Dad Rocks Onesie 6

Taking a photo of a toddler is pure torture! And he’s cutting 6 teeth at once hence all the drool!My Dad Rocks Onesie 5

My Dad Rocks Onesie

You can make the Father’s Day “I’m a Proud Father” shirt HERE.

DIY I'm A Proud Father T-Shirt 6

My Dad Rocks Onesie 9

The best modeling photo I get of Ryder!

DIY I'm A Proud Father T-Shirt 10

Walking to the swing!

My Dad Rocks Onesie

And time for a roller coaster ride. That’s what Jon does. He makes the clicking sound and brings him as high as he can get him and then lets him go like a free-fall. And Ryder laughs and laughs. It’s so precious!

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  1. Katie

    how cute! The shirt and Ryder! he’s growing up so fast!



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