Halloween Entryway 2015

Halloween Entryway 2015

Today, I’m finally sharing our Halloween entryway. Every year I love to decorate our entry way. In the years prior to baby I enjoyed decorating the entire house, now I no longer have time nor do I have patience for telling my mischievous toddler to stop touch, holding, etc… So I’ve resorted to decorating our entryway. This year we have a new entryway and although I didn’t go as crazy as in past years, I did add a few of my past favorite decor items plus some new items from Martha Stewart Crafts! This is also the first time you’re getting a glimpse at our semi-finished home. I begged Jon to start on baseboards last weekend and the first place I requested was our entryway. Lots of detailed cuts and still caulking and touch-up paint to go but they are in (and beautiful)!

Halloween Entryway 2015

This is a new banner from Martha Stewart Crafts as well as the bat. Your supposed to hang the bats with fishing line–I opted to tape mine on the wall!

Halloween Entryway 2015

The paper spiders are a mix of old spiders from last year plus new spiders from this years Martha Stewart Crafts line. The spider web doily’s are also new this year. I have a spider web runner I got last year and love. These are a great addition to the line!

Halloween Entryway 2015

You can get the tutorial on how to make a dead flower arrangement here.

Halloween Entryway 2015 - banner

Love the mix of colors and textures in the banner. And I love the witch!Halloween Entryway 2015 - banner

Haunted Lantern with DIY window cling using @OfficialCricut

I’ll be sharing a tutorial next week on how to create this lantern!

I put a spell on you printable 1

I shared this free printable the other day. You can download it for free here.

Halloween Entryway 2015

Disclaimer: Martha Stewart Crafts sent me free product. I was not compensated to create this post, just asked to share what I did with it.

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