Updating Old Hallway Lighting

Living Room and Hallway Lighting from Lamps Plus

I’m back again with another lighting update from our new-to-us house. I can’t believe we’ve already been in our house almost 8 months now! I know we’ve done a lot but it doesn’t feel like it–and just maybe we will get the rest of our baseboards installed before the end of the summer. But until then we’ve been busy again updating more light fixtures. It always surprises me that homeowners fail to upgrade the builder grade stuff. By updating the ceiling lights you truly transform your house into a home and make it your own! We teamed up with my friends at Lamps Plus again to update more builder grade lighting in our home. I’m slowly starting to change the finish in our home from brassy builder-grade gold to a more homey bronze finish. 
Before & After Hall Light from Lamps Plus

We have two hallways in our new home–both with extremely tall ceilings at 12 foot plus high. Jon had to get out the mega ladder to change these light fixtures. And let me tell you how hard it is to actually capture decent photos of these gorgeous light fixtures way up high and with decent lighting. I know first hand, these photos do not do the lights justice. I wish everyone could come tour my house and see them in person. As you can tell we had old globe like lights with absolutely no character. The only character they had was that they all were peeling and looked even worse than they already were.

Beautiful Feiss Lighthouse Collection 6 High Ceiling Light Fixture from Lamps Plus

I went with the Feiss Lighthouse Collection 6″ High Ceiling Light Fixture. They complimented our new ceiling fan and since the one hallway is visible from the living room I felt like it was the best option. I could not be happier with our new hall lights. It just makes our home look that much more finished and truly “ours”. Lamps Plus Hallway Lights

Despite still not having baseboards in the back bedrooms (look down the hallway) you don’t even notice it thanks to our gorgeous new lighting from Lamps Plus! A big thank you to Lamps Plus for providing us with new lighting for our living room and hallways. We love the website and it’s the only place we would ever consider buying our lighting from.

Disclosure: We were not compensated in cash to write this post, just product. We would have purchased from Lamps Plus regardless. We simply love their products and service! 

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