Reagan’s Birth Announcement

Thank you Minted for sponsoring today’s blog post. As always, all opinions are my own.

Girl Birth Annoucements with Minted

A few month’s ago, just 4 days before Reagan arrived a shared some of my favorite birth announcements from Minted. I always printed with Minted. I honestly can’t rave enough about them. The quality is top notch and they always have the best customer service. I knew as soon as I found out I was pregnant last year I would be printing our birth announcements with Minted. My husband, Jon, thought I was crazy. But this is how my “planner” mind works. Reagan is not even six months old yet and I’m already starting to think about her first birthday party. See, I told you… I definitely have a problem!

Minted Birth Announcement Front

If you have more than one kiddo you know that time can slip right from underneath you in a blink of an eye. Fast forward 6 months later and I recently realized I never “hit” publish on this post. Ooops! I had to share Reagan’s beautiful birth announcements with our readers. So the time has finally arrived to share which birth announcement I went with… after seeing her newborn photos I knew I wanted something classic and timeless. That’s why I selected the Soft Watercolor Floral Birth Announcements.

Baby Announcements from Minted

I love how Minted has the most gorgeous designs and how you can customize the design. For instance, with the Soft Watercolor Floral Birth Announcement before you go to print you just select the parts that need to be customized (i.e., the “L”) and type in what needs to be changed. They send you a free revised print to look over before you officially send it to print!

Minted Birth Announcement Back

This time around we went a more traditional route with Reagan’s birth announcements. Ryder’s were more playful with a cute little staged beach pose. I loved ALL of our newborn photos and it was so hard to narrow down what photos we wanted to use on the back. Minted gives you a wide variety of back options from not having a printed back at all to having full of pictures or text and everything in between. I opted for a little bit of both. I also love to include a message because we have so many friends and family spread all over the country that we don’t always get to drop a note and tell them what’s going on!

Minted Birth Announcement Envelope

Another perk that Minted has is FREE Recipient Addressing. They make your envelopes look amazing and with very little effort on the users part. The first time you print with Minted you’ll need to upload a spreadsheet with all of your addresses. That’s it! It’s a little work the first time but after that you just need to maintain and it’s super easy!

welcome reagan envelope skinny wrap

You can also have your return address printed on your envelope or go with the skinny wrap. I love the skinny wrap so that’s what I went with!

Beautiful Baby Girl Birth Announcements from Minted

A few month’s delayed but there you have it. Our beautiful birth announcements from Minted.


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