Week 5 Bathroom Remodel Update!

Thank you Jeffrey Court for sponsoring this post and our One Room Challenge. As always, all opinions are our own. 

We have ONE week left and holy cow so much left to do. I haven’t done a great job updating each week. I’ve had all intentions but we’ve been busy! Since we have only a week left I figured I would check in and share where we are at and what we’ve been up to!

Installing Large Medicine Cabinet Vanity

Jon stopped tileing for part of the week and worked on insetting the mirror/medicine cabinet into the wall. We were hoping to fully inset the cabinet however once he opened the wall we found that our air pipe for our waterlines was directly in the spot we needed to place the cabinet. So instead we opted for a 4-inch inset so that we can still have the cabinet inside the wall and it’s not fully hanging out by 6.5″ like pictured on the left side!

installing new bathroom lighting

Jon re-did the electrical for the new light fixtures. We decided to have the light fixtures facing down vs up.

Texturing Drywall

Jon added all the new dry wall to the parts of the walls needing drywall (where the pocket door was added and where we removed the small medicine cabinet. We had a friend come over and tape and texture the added drywall parts.

Painting Bathroom Cabinets

Jon also painted the existing bathroom vanity blue. We’ve had this paint for a few months now, but in typical fashion we’ve waited until the end to actually paint the cabinets. Pretty sure I’m scarred from painting all 36 cabinets in our kitchen!

Bathroom Shower Tileing

Jon started installing the mosaic band and the dome moulding!

On the list to finish before NEXT week:

  • Finish shower tile
  • Grout shower tile
  • Install new light fixtures
  • Paint the walls grays
  • Add mirrors on medicine cabinet
  • Wax cabinet and vanity
  • Paint & Install baseboards
  • Mount toilet bowl
  • Add hardware to cabinet doors
  • Add toilet paper holder to wall
  • Paint and Frame out pocket door
  • Shop for Bathroom Accessories

You guys… pray for us! SO much to still be completed and Jon plans to work around the clock (and I’ll help as much as I can when not tending to two bouncing little ones)!

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