Holiday Comforts–Decorating the Christmas Tree!

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When you think of the holidays, what comes to mind? Is it spending time with family from out-of-town? Going on vacation to visit family or just simply going on vacation? Is it sitting next to the fireplace with a loved one sipping hot cocoa? When I think of the holidays I think of spending time with my family and decorating our Christmas tree the day after Thanksgiving. That’s my thoughts around holiday comforts. Decorating our tree is what brings the little comforts to me during the holiday season so incredibly special.

Last week I had family from all over the United States fly in to spend Thanksgiving with my immediate family. Our home was decorated with Fall/Thanksgiving decor for the big meal. We hosted Thanksgiving dinner at our home, and my mom and I co-cooked! She cooked some food at her home and brought it over. I knew I was a bit ambitious (ok maybe some would call me crazy), but the day after Thanksgiving I was determined to keep up the tradition that Mr. Woodsy and I had started a few years back. We like to put up all our decorations the day after Thanksgiving.

The next day (with family still staying at our home) Mr. Woodsy and I quickly put the Thanksgiving/Fall decorations away and began breaking out the Christmas decorations. That’s our tradition and its something I don’t want broken whether or not we have family in town. We have an artificial tree, so we were able to put it up in no time.

That evening my mom and some of my out-of-town family came over to help us decorate the Christmas tree (we only got half way through it–there is still more to be done)! It was nice to be able to have family decorate with us who normally are not in town! Pictured above is my mom and Mr. Woodsy goofing around!

I think the last time we spent Christmas together as a large family was back in 1988 when my grandmother passed away. Although we have a tiny 7 foot slim pine, we managed to have 4 decorate around the tree!

While we worked on decorating the Christmas tree my mother made her mom’s traditional Christmas dinner. We had a mini Christmas celebration that truly made everyone’s visit memorable! No gifts to exchange. Just laughter, love, and more food!

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