Scrap Ribbon Valentine Garland

I am making the effort to not spend a lot of money on craft supplies this year, and in doing so using more of the supplies I already own. I got this garland idea while cruising the Valentine aisle at Michaels. That is when I realized it was finally time for me to stop hoarding my scraps of ribbon and put them to good use! I saw it and loved it, but didn't want to spend $12.99 on a strand of garland. I also didn't want it as busy as the one I had seen at Michaels. I originally was going to use … [Read more...]

Decorate with Creepy Cloth

 Creepy Cloth can be found at your local dollar store for $1 per sheet. The sheet is roughly 30 x 72. Due to the size of my window I only needed 2 sheets of creepy cloth. I cut one sheet in half to use for both window panels and the other sheet to hang over the curtain rod. I really like this layered look the best. My current kitchen curtains that I made have clips that hold the fabric. This is the most ideal way to easily change out your curtains. Simply clip the creepy cloth on to your … [Read more...]

Halloween Spider Soap

Last year, I wanted to make Halloween goodie bags to pass out to my immediate neighbors children, and to the few kids coming to our Halloween party. I didn't want the goodie bags to just be filled with candy. I wanted to add additional non-sugar filled items in the bags. I stumbled across this awesome tutorial from Milk and Cuddles on how to make your own spider soap. I had no idea how easy it was to make your own soap. I went to the dollar store and bought a muffin pan dedicated to soap … [Read more...]

{Tutorial} Make Your Own Cool Tie

I've bought quite a few "cool" ties in the past. Last year I stumbled across a tutorial (of course I can't remember which blog it was on), and made my own. I took crappy photo's of it, and by the time I was ready to blog about it--it was mid-October. Although, it was still needed in Florida the rest of the country was starting to break out the winter jackets. I decided to wait, and in doing so I've made quite a few since my first attempt. I had family in town from Pittsburgh this past weekend, … [Read more...]

Co-Ed Craft Lunch: Comic Book Keychain/Necklace Pendants

This past Wednesday I conducted our first ever co-ed craft lunch at work. Yes, that's right, you read it correctly; co-ed. The men always make fun of us women for our craft lunches, but we all know that deep down inside they are jealous of our craft projects. When I ran across these comic book necklace pendants at Punk Projects I knew this would be our first co-ed craft project at lunch. I immediately sent the invite via entourage and just as I suspected I got quite a bit of positive … [Read more...]

January Craft with Me: Rosette Frame {Mini Tutorial}

I got quite a few craft projects completed this weekend, and one of them is one I've been wanting to work on ALL month! Ucreate hosted a few "create with me" sessions in 2010, and they are planning to host one each month in 2011!  For those of you who aren't familiar with Ucreate you should go check them out--right now! This month's "create" session was to create a rosette frame. I bought a very inexpensive frame a few months back at Goodwill. Actually, to be more precise I bought two … [Read more...]

Christmas Magnets {Mini Tutorial} + Giveaway

Remember, a few months back when I posted about the skeleton magnets I made? They were such a huge hit and yet so simple to make! I decided I would make some Christmas magnets. I decided to try and make them a little different this time since I received some very valuable feedback from a 10 year old who made them. Because of her fabulous feedback I felt the need to revamp my tutorial instructions!  Supplies needed: -glass stones (large bag for $1 at the dollar store) -magnets (18 round … [Read more...]

Skeleton Magnets {Mini Tutorial}

Some of you might know this, but my craft room is non-existant right now. Our guest bedroom has turned into craft room storage, and frankly, looks like an episode of Hoarders {minus the dead cats}. My husband has been working on custom shelving and table top for quite some time now, and unfortunately, it's no where near complete. Since we had friends over our house last weekend I had to pack all my craft stuff up {again} since it was residing on top of our pool table, and that was not practical … [Read more...]