Skeleton Vase

Earlier this month I shared this project on Dollar Store Crafts. Now, I'm back to share it on Sew Woodsy! Have you ever woken up in the middle of the night with an "ah-ha" moment. I have and this is exactly how this vase was created. I've had Halloween on the brain and have wanted to create some unique projects for only a few dollars. After literally dreaming up this idea I went to the dollar store the next day and purchased my supplies, and that night began crafting. Supplies:  2 … [Read more...]

Zombie Planted Hands

I first got the idea to make this inexpensive Halloween decoration thanks to the all-might Pinterest. I pinned this idea a few months ago, and during one of my many trips to the Dollar Store I found Severed Hands. That's when it occurred to me that I could plant this bad boys and make my own sort of "zombie planted hands". Depending on how many Zombie Planted Hands you "plant" will depend on the cost of matierals. In my case I needed 6 hands (although 5 were only pictured at the time). That … [Read more...]

Painted Frames & Dollar Store Gortraits

Have you ever seen the gortraits at the dollar store? You know the pictures that look like a normal person and then you move and it's a creepy scary person staring at you. These are really called lenticular's, but during the Halloween season you can find them referred to as gortraits. For those not familiar with the term lenticular its a form of printing that gives an illusion of depth and an ability to change or move the image. In past years I've kept these dollar store gortraits in the cheap … [Read more...]

Grapevine Snake Wreath

Last year I got the idea to make a snake wreath from Nitty Gritty Pretty. She made The CSI Project, and I couldn't live another Halloween without making one of my own! Because we used so much spray paint last year I could not afford to spend any more money on a high quality spray paint I went with a super cheap spray paint. BIG MISTAKE. Because it's still warm in Florida in October the black spray paint was stick to our front door... thus forcing us to have to re-paint our front door. Spend the … [Read more...]

{Tutorial} Fall Painted Table Runner

I've been on a painting kick. Ever since receiving my big box of Martha Stewart Crafts™ premium acrylic paints I've been painting a lot more than I normally do! Actually, I take that back.... I've never painted this much in my life. I'm in love with this product. This paint has changed my crafting life! I wanted to make an inexpensive table runner for our always bare dinning room table. I've seen others use drop cloths and I felt that this would be the perfect material to make a table runner. … [Read more...]

{Tutorial} Make Your Own Spooky Ghost

Last year we featured a ghost project. We were so inspired by the project that we made one of our own. This was a last minute project that Mr. Woodsy insisted we needed to make. Because of this he tackled this on his own while I worked on a really cool project that will be featured on Eighteen25 next month! My job was to purchase the materials and take photos. This is a relatively inexpensive project to make and took less than an hour to complete. Actually, we completed this project the day of … [Read more...]

Laundry Room Signs {Wash, Dry, Fold}

I started these laundry room signs back in September, and they sat... for months. Until finally, I was tired of looking at them in my guest bedroom. I had finally decided how I would display them and what color scheme I was going for in the laundry room. I originally got the idea from CraftOManiac, and with some pre planing aka browsing the internet, I knew how I wanted to make these signs my own!I purchased the same plaques from the dollar store, removed the ribbon, and began painting with a … [Read more...]

Simple {Reversible} Tote Bag

*This is the only photo I have and it was taken on a camera phone. One of my first sewing projects I attempted after receiving my sewing machine in 2009 was the simple (reversible) tote bag. I found a plethora of awesome tutorials from Skip to My Lou, and instantly fell in love with the reversible tote bag. It looked easy and I figured it would be a great first project. This one hour project took me at least a good 3 hours. I think I had to seam rip a good three times, and at one point I … [Read more...]

Tissue Paper Tree

We hope everyone had a wonderful Holiday! I wanted to post about this tree prior to Christmas, but we just got too busy! I saw these amazing tissue paper tree's earlier this month on Spunky Junk {go to there tutorial for more details} and I instantly knew I wanted to make at least one tissue paper tree. I actually wanted to make a variety of tree's but like most projects... time got the best of me! Remember, how I hosted my third craft lunch at work the other week? Well this was the project I … [Read more...]

Christmas Craft Lunch; Styrofoam Ornaments

Last week a few of the girls and I at the office decided to have another craft lunch. So far we've had two and they both were a big hit. We typically choose an easy project that doesn't require too many supplies and something that could be completed within an hour! We choose to make the infamous cone tree's scene here and here, but no one was able to find cones (except me).... so the two other girls who participated decided to make ornaments instead! {My cone tree post will be available … [Read more...]