{How To} Make Your Own Ladder Golf Game

Today, I'm participating in the Ready 4 Summer blog party hosted by Maggie from Midwestern Girl DIY and Kristin from Simply Klassic Home. I'm sharing a super easy game to make and enjoy with family friends whether your at home in your back yard or at the beach. Mr. Woodsy built this game some 5+ years ago for our engagement party which took place in the middle of June. We had a bbq lunch (our mothers cooked all the food for 50+ guests bless their hearts), a frozen margarita machine … [Read more...]

Mad Scientist Costumes + “Science Experiments”

This past weekend we held our 4th annual Halloween Open House. This year we established a theme for our home and our costumes. I knew an inexpensive way to stay in theme was to have a Mad Scientist theme. We had most of the supplies on hand and had very little that we would actually needed to buy.  I bought the lab jacket, goggles, and Mr. Woodsy's wig (It's a Don King wig). The rest we had on hand! We used rubber cleaning gloves as our gloves and I made Mr. Woodsy a simple orange bow tie that … [Read more...]

{Tutorial} Strapless Yoga Dress

I've done it again... do you remember the yoga skirt? Well yoga skirt can now meet yoga dress. It took me just about all summer to complete this dress. I had a few "hiccups" along the way. Like 2 major boo-boo's which caused me to not only have to re-cut out the skirt portion but also the top portion. I learned a lot once again, and am partly glad I messed up. I really like how the dress came out! Technically I had the dress completed before summer and since I live in Florida I still have a few … [Read more...]

{Mini Tutorial} Life-size Spider Web with Webbed Accessories

Early last October (2009) we watched an episode on HGTV that was all about decorating for Halloween. One of the DIY decorations they made was a very large spider web and webbed person. We ran to the store the very next day, purchased the supplies we needed, and began constructing a lifesize web of our own. Fast forward one year later... we wanted to strive for a bigger and better web this year. That's where the larva sacks come into play. How to construct the web: We used 2 packets of 25 … [Read more...]

{mini tutorial} Bloody Bathroom

Enter if you Dare...  *Guest bathroom from last year* In my attempts to create cool inexpensive decorations last year (and now this year) I had stumbled across this website that had a Horror Movie shower curtain and bath mat. But at $20 each I knew I could make my own! *Picture from ThinkGeek.com For a whopping $20 I was able to transform my whole bathroom from normal every day to creepy scary! This is how I transformed our guest bathroom for $20: -white plastic shower curtain … [Read more...]

{Tutorial} Mummy Head on a Platter

  *My Version $18* *Inspiration picture from Grandin Road* The month of September is half way over, and that means that Halloween projects in our household have kicked up into full gear! Earlier this month I wrote an entry about some of the Halloween projects I'd like to take on before Halloween this year. All of the projects were based off of expensive decorations from Grandin Road. One of these projects was the Mummy Head on a Platter. It retails for $70. I knew I could recreate this … [Read more...]