Chevron Heart Frame

Chevron pattern has been all the rage in the craft blog world over the past year, and I love the pattern dearly--yet I've created not one thing using this beloved pattern. Last week while parousing the aisles of Michaels I stumbled across this wooden heart shape frame for $1. I knew instantly that I could paint a chevron pattern on the frame and make it spectacular! The only problem I had was creating a perfectly straight chevron pattern. You probably noticed my "goof" instantly... the solid red … [Read more...]

{Tutorial} Inexpensive Wall Art

 Last month we completed a mini-bathroom revamp on our guest bathroom. I was so pleased with the outcome, but I needed some wall art. I waited a few weeks and looked at a variety of art pieces. It wasn't until one afternoon when I was perusing through the clearance bins at Michael's when I stumbled across 4 ugly small canvases. I instantly grabbed them and knew I could do something with them--I just didn't know what. It wasn't until later that night when I got pulled them out of the bag that I … [Read more...]