5 years and counting…

Last year, I shared it was our anniversary on Sew Woodsy. We were at Haven and I wanted to start sharing more about us. Young House Love inspired us to start sharing more. The above collage was made by a co-worker of mine a few weeks after we got married. We ended up making this into a post card and writing our thank you notes on the back. It was cheaper in postage and people got to see a wide variety of photographs from our special day! I felt that it was only fitting to share photos from … [Read more...]

{Card Making} Anniversary Card

  As all of you know, Mr. Woodsy and I celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary at Haven on Thursday. Late, Tuesday evening as I was finishing all the last minute things I needed to get done I whipped up this card. I couldn't not make him a card for our anniversary. We typically don't exchange gifts--we both would prefer to go some where. So we counted our trip to Haven as part anniversary trip. I knew going into my quick card assembling that Mr. Woodsy would not make me a card just because we … [Read more...]

Happy Anniversary to Us!

Happy first day of summer! We are celebrating our anniversary. No, not a blogiversary--a real anniversary! Our 4th wedding anniversary! Last week, we celebrated 10 years together. It feels like it's been 10 years since our wedding. Such a distant memory--I swear, it never gets old to look at photos! Over the past year readers have asked to see wedding photos and to hear about what DIY stuff we did for our wedding. You know, doing creative wedding projects is what got my creative juices … [Read more...]