2nd Birthday Construction T-Shirt

Over the next two week’s I’ll be sharing some cute things that I DIY’ed for Ryder’s 2nd Birthday party. Last week, I shared the amazing invitations and thank you notes we got printed from Minted. Today, I’m sharing a cute shirt that I made for Ryder to wear to his birthday party. We took the chance of having his birthday party outside at a playground. This is a big chance since the weather is so unpredictable in March/April in Florida. And boy did the weather suck the day of his party. Sadly, I … [Read more...]

Happy 2nd Birthday, Ryder!

How is it possible that my precious little baby boy is two years old today? The past two years has gone by in a blink and although I’ve yet to finish his first year digital scrapbook and haven’t even started his second book I have thousands and thousand of photographs of him. I probably have at least one photo every single day he’s been alive. That’s one thing I love about modern-day technology. And the videos… they are endless. I try to get every cute little thing on video and the not-so cute … [Read more...]

DIY First Birthday Onesie

I knew even before Ryder was born that I would be making him a onesie for his birthday. I mean let's get real I've made him quite a few cute custom onesies. Why wouldn't I make him one? And then fast forward 6 months after he was born, and my friend Darci opened up a cute Etsy shop, The Kitchen and the Cave, and was making the cutest first birthday onesies and shirts. I loved her designs, so I opted to not make his and have her make him one. And then Jon found out and guilted me like no one has … [Read more...]

1st Birthday Whale Invitations

This post is brought to you by Minted.com. I received product in exchange for this first birthday whale invitations review. There are affiliate links in this post. As always all opinions are my own.  We celebrated Ryder's first birthday two weekends ago. A month and a half prior I had reached out to my friends at Minted for birthday invitations. They have the best invitations. I'm a paper person and believe that quality is key. 10 years ago I was a production assistant for a publishing … [Read more...]

Birthday Paper Doily Tag

Today is a very special day... it's Mr. Woodsy's birthday! We typically don't exchange BIG birthday gifts and sometimes we don't exchange any gifts at all. This year I decided to splurge and get Mr. Woodsy a GoPro camera. He has been eyeing that camera for years, and well I finally made his dreams come true. I wanted to give him the camera before our cruise (last week). It just so happened that the camera and accessories arrived at our mailbox last Monday, and I was off work. So operation pick … [Read more...]

Birthday Package Countdown

I know everyone is eagerly anticipating this post... well maybe not, but I'm sure glad I could finally divulge my secret project for Mr. Woodsy! February just so happens to be his birthday month and although his birthday is towards the end of the month I wanted to do a month long countdown. He's not hitting a milestone year or anything... I just figured it would be fun. And... I'll admit--I feel a tad guilty. You see, I failed to fill his advent calendar for Christmas last year. Some of you may … [Read more...]