Creating Video Content: Video Styles

Two week's ago we shared are tips on how to choose a topic & how to plan for your video. Today we are going to go through the different video styles and some basic tips when filming. Do you know what the difference is between A roll and B roll? You will know what it is after reading todays post. Let's talk about the style of the video.  "Look Live" - this term means you are talking on camera.  Like looking at the camera and showing the project being done "live". "Voice Over" - you … [Read more...]

Creating Video Content: Topic & Planning

Last week, I shared the first of our Creating Video Content series. I shared all about the equipment we use to produce basic videos for our blog. Today, I'm sharing with you some insight on how to choose a topic and plan accordingly to execute your video in a timely manner. Video takes a lot of time to not only create, but to edit. In order to maximize your time you must start with a good plan. Choose a topic. Ask yourself, what is your objective? What do you want your readers to get … [Read more...]

Creating Video Content: Equipment

 This post contains affiliate links. This past weekend, Jon and I spoke at our annual DIY blog conference, Haven, about creating video content. I also spoke about this same topic last year at our annual Florida Blogger and Social Media conference. Video content creation is a topic that we are both passionate and knowledgeable about. I first would like to state that neither of us have formal video training. We are self taught and have learned through trial and error.  Equipment is a topic that … [Read more...]