{Card Making} Thinking of You

Last Saturday morning I spent a good portion of my morning making cards for friends and family. My whole goal was to make this card. You see, a former colleague of mine (a past of VP)--one that I've always admired and respected is battling cancer. Hospice has been called in and to be honest I don't think it is looking good for her. I wanted to send her a card to let her know I was thinking of her and how much I've always admired and respected her as a boss. I've been with my current cooperation … [Read more...]

{Card Making} Heartfelt Thanks Card

You guys, I'm in love with this card. I'm also slightly obsessed with the new Classics Box of Cards from The Paper Studio. Uber modern and sets the tone for perfect card making for any occasion. I made this card for my friend Melissa from Jelly Design Studio. Last month, you might recall that I got a bright and airy blog redesign. Melissa was the one to thank for that, and I couldn't help but make her a card to really share my gratitude for all her hard work! Supplies: (1) 5.5 in x … [Read more...]

{Card Making} Tropical Party Card

I am loving the bright pop of color on this tropical "party" card I created recently! I found the cut out purple flowers when I was cleaning my craft room one day. I know for a fact I never bought these... I'm sure I some how inherited the flowers. All of my friends always give all their leftover craft items to me. These flowers are thick and have tons of texture to them. I think a card like this is perfect for a summer birthday OR inviting friends to a summer pool party... hence the wave like … [Read more...]

{Card Making} Shark 4th Birthday Card

I love the versatility of cricut cartridges. For this card I used the Life is a Beach Cricut Cartridge to transform a very beach card into a fierce 4th Birthday card that any little boy (or girl) would love! This is a pretty simplistic card; however, the fun fish background reminds you that this shark is in the ocean and might just be ready to chomp down on the "4". Gather all of your supplies: (1) 6 x 12 piece of gray cardstock (1) 6 x 12 piece of red cardstock (1) Me & My Big … [Read more...]

{Card Making} Aloha!

  I like to make cards for all occasions, but every now and then I just want to make a card to say hello to someone. Especially my great aunt Millie: she is 89 and lives in an assisted living facility. She enjoys getting the mail and of course receiving homemade cards for her darling niece (whom she also dubs her grand daughter). I know she will love this card since it's fun and hip just like she is. My Aunt Millie still drives (which is a bit scary), still gets her hair and nails done weekly, … [Read more...]

{Card Making} Anniversary Card

  As all of you know, Mr. Woodsy and I celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary at Haven on Thursday. Late, Tuesday evening as I was finishing all the last minute things I needed to get done I whipped up this card. I couldn't not make him a card for our anniversary. We typically don't exchange gifts--we both would prefer to go some where. So we counted our trip to Haven as part anniversary trip. I knew going into my quick card assembling that Mr. Woodsy would not make me a card just because we … [Read more...]

{Card Making} Housewarming Card

A few weeks ago Mr. Woodsy & I were invited to a housewarming party. It's customary to bring a small gift when attending a housewarming party, no matter if the couple insist that gifts are not welcomed. A potted plant, a gift card to Home Depot, a bottle of wine--something. In my opinion, it is in poor judgment to show up empty handed! Whenever we go to housewarming parties of course I have to make a handmade card. They are so easy to make, inexpensive if you already have the materials on … [Read more...]

{Card Making} Father’s Day Cards

Father's day is a week from tomorrow, and by now most of us are buying gifts and making cards. I felt it was appropriate to share two different cards I made for two special father's in our lives. The first card requires no die-cutting machine and the second card I made using my die cutting machine. I will definitely admit that this isn't my best work, but I feel its important to showcase that I'm not perfect and I don't alway produce the most amazing cards. You'll notice my cards are simple, but … [Read more...]

{Card Making} Tips, Tricks, and Techniques

Some of you may or may not know that I love to make homemade cards! I'm kind of a closet paper crafter. I mean after all, a small hint should have been my 8 foot tall paper rack Mr. Woodsy built me a few years back. I've never shared any of my photos/ tips/tricks/techniques about paper crafting, and I've finally decided that I'm going to dedicate Saturdays to sharing a card I made for an occasion. Today, though, I'd like to share some of my card making tips, tricks, and techniques. I started … [Read more...]

Homemade Valentine’s Day Cards

Happy Valentine's Day. Is love in the air for you? It is for us... normally we just make a simple meal and spend time together. Oh, and make homemade Valentine's Day cards... not those store bought Hallmark ones! Ever since I started making my own cards a few years back I refused to purchase a card thus forcing Mr. Woodsy to learn how to use my die-cutting machine! Valentine's Day started early at our house.  Mr. Woodsy brought home roses for me yesterday afternoon... of course I had to put … [Read more...]