Easy Tweedle Family Costume

Earlier this year, we were invited to our friend's surprise Alice & Wonderland themed 30th Birthday party! We weren't sure what to do, but we knew we needed to dress up. That's when the idea of this Easy Tweedle Family Costume came to mind. I found red pants for us at Old Navy (yes, Jon is wearing women's pants) and then I ran over to Michael's Craft Store to pick up the yellow shirts, red hats, felt and pipe cleaners. The day of the party we got to work and made the collar, bow tie, and … [Read more...]

20 Pregnant Halloween Costumes

Looking to make a DIY pregnancy costume? Check out my list of 20 Pregnant Halloween Costumes that are easy to make in just minutes! Last year, while I was 4 months pregnant I scoured the internet for halloween costume ideas while being pregnant. I never got around to sharing this round-up and I wanted to share it this year. Pregnant women have the right to dress up for Halloween too, and what better time to dress up then when you have a cute bump to sport! Here is a list of 20 of the very … [Read more...]

DIY Scrabble Costume

Last year, we decided to share the gender of our baby on Halloween. After sharing our birth story earlier this year, we were going through a really rough time. We had no idea if the baby I was carrying was even going to be healthy. We had known for a few week's prior and had told only our immediate family. They kept their mouths sealed shut until we were ready to share the news with the world. Every year my former corporate job would decorate cubes and have a theme for Halloween. Last year, our … [Read more...]

How to Sew a Magician’s Cape

Learn how easy it is to sew a Magician's Cape in minutes! Back in March my mother in-law took my nephew to our local repertory theater to see a child's play. The play's main character was a magician. My five year old nephew, Nicholas, loved the play and all of a sudden wanted to be a magician. After the show they passed by the merchandise table and my mother in-law splurged and purchased a magician's hat for my Nicholas. He really wanted the cape but she just couldn't fathom spending a … [Read more...]

Easy DIY Costume: Tippi Hedren from The Birds

I'm so excited to have my friend Leslie here today to share her super easy costume for Tippi Hedren from Alfred Hitchcock's, The Birds. I know Leslie through food blogging--she is not a "craft blogger" and claims she doesn't have a creative bone in her body, but I totally disagree! Hi all, it's Leslie from The Hungry Housewife. Katie asked me to do a little guest post when she saw my Halloween Costume on my Instagram page. Let me preface this post by saying I have not ONE crafty bone in my … [Read more...]

DIY Lego Costumes

Last year, after returning home from Europe the precious was on to figure out what we were going to dress up as for our friends annual Halloween party. I created a list of 25 DIY Couples Costumes for Halloween and shared it with Jon. We narrowed it down and that's when he decided we were gonna create DIY Lego Costumes. Jon knew if we were gonna do this we were gonna do it right. We scoured the internet and never found a complete tutorial nor could we find real life measurements. So Jon got to … [Read more...]

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! Sorry we've been absent here the past week. We've been working our bums off constructing our costumes for our good friend Christy's annual Halloween party. If you follow us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram you might have seen what we were and all the hard work that went into these costumes. We are excited to share our costumes with our readers. These costumes were a labor of love. We spent a whopping 40 hours on these bad boys. All made of styrofoam, cardboard, poster … [Read more...]

25 DIY Couples Costumes for Halloween

Last year, Mr. Woodsy and I were mad scientist and our dog, Lola, was a lab rat. Our idea came together quickly (and easily) and we were one big happy family! But since we traveled during the first half of October our creative minds aren't thinking like they normally do during this time of year. With less than a week and a half until Halloween time is quickly running out! I've started doing extensive searches on what to be for Halloween this year and all the ideas I've proposed to Mr. Woodsy … [Read more...]

Mad Scientist Costumes + “Science Experiments”

This past weekend we held our 4th annual Halloween Open House. This year we established a theme for our home and our costumes. I knew an inexpensive way to stay in theme was to have a Mad Scientist theme. We had most of the supplies on hand and had very little that we would actually needed to buy.  I bought the lab jacket, goggles, and Mr. Woodsy's wig (It's a Don King wig). The rest we had on hand! We used rubber cleaning gloves as our gloves and I made Mr. Woodsy a simple orange bow tie that … [Read more...]