Restored Wood Outdoor Table

A few weeks ago we shared our Restored Wood Outdoor Table with Gail from My {re}Purposed Life, and today I'm excited to share it with our readers!  We snagged this table off the curb over a year ago, while walking our yorkie on our evening walk. We spotted a child's wood table, umbrella, and chairs from a distance on the curb. We non-chalantly walked over to the curbside find, examined it, and after a few minutes of debating back and forth we decided that we would take the table with us. As you … [Read more...]

Curbside Finds

This is a very impromptu post. I walked out of our bedroom this morning and Mr. Woodsy had a grin on his face (like he was up to no good). I kept asking him what was up and he finally bursted out and said that he found a ton of furniture on the curb a few houses down from us. He was so excited--it was like a kid on Christmas morning. I knew he wanted to go pick up the furniture. He promised me that it wouldn't stay in our garage permanently and that he would just try to flip most of it. So I … [Read more...]