{Pinterest Feature Friday} The Martha Project

Today I'm featuring Jen from The Martha Project!  Jen is a girl after my own heart. She adores Halloween and if you follow either of us on Twitter you'll know that we will both tweet (rant) about Halloween--even during non-Halloween months. SHe has 75 boards with over 2,069 pins, and the last I counted 10 of those 75 boards are Halloween related! So if you love Halloween like Jen and I do then I think you better go follow her on Pinterest: The Next Martha on Pinterest! Halloween Project … [Read more...]

{Pinterest Feature Friday} 504 Main

Today, I'm excited to feature a few of the Pinterest boards from Holly Lefevre of 504 Main. Holly has 2,360 followers with 84 diverse boards and over 3,210 pins. She has a board to interest just about anyone. Let's start with her 504 Main Board: She has 98 pins on this board--all projects from her blog! DIY: Crafts, Creations, Coolness  This board has 379 pins and a wide variety of craft projects. I spy a project pinned from Sew Woodsy... can you find which project is … [Read more...]

{Pinterest Feature Friday} Saved By Love Creations

Today, I'm featuring my virtual friend, Johnnie from Saved By Love Creations. We've been virtual friends for over a year now and hopefully next year we will both get to meet at one of the many DIY conference going on! Johnnie is a super busy and creative women. She has 3 blogs, but today we are going to highlight Saved By Love Creations and what she has pinned on Pinterest. Johnnie is what I like to call a super pinner. She has over 17,000 followers, 77 boards, and over 3,000 pins! Here are a … [Read more...]

{Pinterest Feature Friday} How to Nest for Less™

Happy Friday! I'm excited to introduce to you Erin from How to Nest for Less™. We met at Haven a few months back and our personalities clicked instantly! I felt like we just kept levitating to one another! Erin started blogging last May teaching people how to design on a dime. Not only does Erin have an amazing blog she is a wife and mother to one girl. She also has a full time job as an Art Director. Thanks to her Graphic Design background she has a keen eye for design. Let's take a look … [Read more...]

{Pinterest Feature Friday} Uncommon

Happy Friday! I'm so excited to introduce you to Bonnie and Trish from Uncommon. They are sister-in-laws who love to craft! I had the privelege of meeting this wonderful ladies on the last day (right before closing session) at Haven a few months back. We've followed each others DIY journeys for a while now and we both knew each other would be at Haven. We started sending crazy tweets the first day and by the second day we had to meet! The three of us happened to be in the same session (the … [Read more...]

{Feature Friday} Design Build Love

Happy Friday! Today I'm excited to introduce to you Ashely and Eric from Design Build Love. We had the pleasure of meeting Ashley at Haven and we spent a few days with her at the 3M Auto Bootcamp earlier this month! Unfortunately, we haven't had the pleasure to meet Eric yet. He wasn't' able to make it to the bootcamp because of work--he kind of has an uber important job: he's a lawyer and had trial that week (and then found out the Friday before it was canceled). Ashley is the first person … [Read more...]

{Feature Friday} The DIY Village

Happy Friday! Today we are featuring a couple that are crazy about DIY projects just as much as we are! We've had the pleasure to not only meet Jacque and Matt from The DIY Village not once, but twice! Our first time meeting one another was at Haven this past June in Atlanta. Matt and Mr. Woodsy instantly clicked since there were very few men attending the conference. They definitely stuck together and shared tips and tricks from various home projects the've both completed. Our second … [Read more...]

{Feature Friday} While They Snooze

Happy Friday! Today I'm featuring a friend who is near and dear to my heart, and is a local DIY/Craft blogger! Her name is Sarah and she blogs at While They Snooze. Sarah started her blog after much of my badgering in March of 2011. She actually did a guest blog post for me in February of 2011 and I think that's what gave her the official itch to start blogging! Take a look at the gorgeous Toddler Tank Dress Upcycle she sewed! Oh and I can't forget to mention that Sarah contributed to last … [Read more...]

{Feature Friday} vixenMade

Happy Friday! Today I'm excited to introduce my virtual friend, Victoria from vixenMade! I've been following Victoria's blog since she practically started in February of 2011. We are similar in the fact that we both have pretty much taught ourselves how to sew, and of course we both started with inexpensive Brother sewing machines. Although, somewhere I lost the memo to go buy a new one like Victoria has since done! She also participated last year in the 12 Days of Handmade Ornaments on Sew … [Read more...]

{Feature Friday} The V Spot

Today, I'd like to introduce you to Vivian of The V Spot Blog! If your not familiar with her blog you will find a wide variety of topics, from DIY to cooking to funny stories about her kids and life in general. I had the pleasure of meeting Viv last month at Haven! She's just as spectacular in person! Between 4 boys and a few pets, Viv stays busy.  Viv  participated in last years 12 Days of Handmade Ornaments and contributed the World's Easiest Monogrammed Ornament. Let's take a look at a … [Read more...]