Terry Cloth Headband

I first saw this awesome "sweatband" on the Craft Snob's blog. I really liked the fact that I could use any type of terry cloth material, and the fact that I'd finally have a good headband for exercising! I almost bought some terry cloth material, and that's when I had an ah ha moment! Duh, I can just use an old towel, and then I realized that I got a sweat towel from a product review I did a few week's back. Since I had it in my fabric box I decided to cut it up! This was an easy project to … [Read more...]

Heart Shadow Box {Tutorial}

Back in October, I made Creepy Critter Boxes that I used as part of my Halloween decor. When I made them I wanted to make sure that I could take the creepy critters out and use the shadow box for something else. I was recently cleaning and found my shadow boxes again! *Yes, our house has been quite a disaster the past few months with the finishing and now completion of the craft room! I started brainstorming a variety ideas when this project came to mind. Ultimately, I'm very pleased with … [Read more...]

Ruffle Fleece Scarf {Tutorial}

I found this tutorial the other week on Honey Scrap, and was instantly intrigued. We've had a rather cold winter here in Florida and I've been wearing my only fleece scarf day in and out. Since I recently organized my fabric I knew I had some fleece on hand, so this project essentially cost me anything to make! Whenever a project says it's going to take "x" number of minutes/hours. I typically tend to double the time projected! This took Honey Scrap 15 minutes--it took me about 30 minutes (but I … [Read more...]

DIY Fabric Bolts {Mini Tutorial}

For the past 6 months we have been working on redoing our (well really, let's face it MY) craft room. I have looked at ALL things organization and a few months ago one of my favorite blogs, Smashed Peas and Carrots did a post on studio organization and mini fabric bolts. As soon as I read Maggie's post I knew this is what I needed to do in my craft room! Then, recently, I saw that Budget Wise Home who has kicked off the new year with all things organizational did a post as well. They featured … [Read more...]

Brazilian Cherry Wood Curling Iron Tip

On Sunday I instantly knew Mr. Woodsy was up to no good. He had a smirk on his face, and was being very secretive. I went out to the garage a few times and I kept asking him what he was doing and his reply was "don't worry about it"! I left the house unfazed to run errands and came home not even thinking about what he had been up to a few hours prior. As soon as I got home Mr. Woodsy helped unload all the bags from the truck--he even helped put grocery's away (that never happens)! Then after we … [Read more...]

Spookified Glowing Pictures

If you have photoshop this is a super easy project for you!!!First you will want to pick the picture of your choice. I choose a wedding picture since I never spookified any of my wedding photo's last year. You will want to drag and drop your photo into photoshop. Next, you will want to select the following path in photoshop: Filter > Artistic > Neon Glow.Choose whatever color you want. I typically choose green's, oranges, and purples. Then start playing with the glow size & … [Read more...]

How to make the world’s easiest banner!

This past Saturday I hosted a Thai Kitchen House Party. Some of you may ask... "what's a House Party"? It's a brilliant way to create buzz around a product for your family and friends try! If you want to read in-depth about our recent Thai Kitchen House Party feel free to visit Katie's Cucina. This was our fourth time hosting a house party, and each time I've managed to create my own decorations to personalize each event. All week both of us were busy with crazy projects and other personal … [Read more...]