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Outdoor Living Room Reveal + Michelob ULTRA Light Cider

cost of the outdoor living room

Today, we are taking a break from our Master Bedroom Revamp Projects and revealing a little side project we completed in less than a half day. What goes best with a brand new outdoor living room? Cider of course! A few weeks ago Mr. Woodsy sent me a series of text messages asking if I wanted an outdoor furniture set. Upon reviewing a few photos I immediately said yes! It was a used set but with a little TLC I knew we could make it our own and make it better! The going price tag was … [Read more...]

{Tutorial} Fall Painted Table Runner

Fall Table Runner

I've been on a painting kick. Ever since receiving my big box of Martha Stewart Crafts™ premium acrylic paints I've been painting a lot more than I normally do! Actually, I take that back.... I've never painted this much in my life. I'm in love with this product. This paint has changed my crafting life! I wanted to make an inexpensive table runner for our always bare dinning room table. I've seen others use drop cloths and I felt that this would be the perfect material to make a table runner. … [Read more...]

Double Ruffle Pillow {Tutorial}

Everyone has been making pillows--ruffled pillows to be exact in blog land lately. Not that I want to copy the trend, but I do love me some accent pillows, and the fact that we don't have any accent pillows on our new comfort in our bedroom meant that I could start creating. This is the first of many pillows that I plan to create. It all started with a yard of black linen fabric for $2.70 and a throw pillow! That's all it took for me to start dreaming up what I wanted to do with this … [Read more...]

Tutorial: Fabric Bulletin Board {revamp}

A really good friend of mine gave me a beige on beige fabric bulletin board last summer. I knew I wanted it, but I also knew that the beige on beige was going to have to go! For months I looked for fabric, and thus I found this beautiful black and off white print. I scoured the ribbon aisles at Michaels Crafts and fell in love with this turquoise. Thankfully, Mr. Woodsy helped me with this project. I have the begining stages of arthritis in my hands, so gripping a nail gun is out of the … [Read more...]

Laundry Room Signs {Wash, Dry, Fold}

I started these laundry room signs back in September, and they sat... for months. Until finally, I was tired of looking at them in my guest bedroom. I had finally decided how I would display them and what color scheme I was going for in the laundry room. I originally got the idea from CraftOManiac, and with some pre planing aka browsing the internet, I knew how I wanted to make these signs my own!I purchased the same plaques from the dollar store, removed the ribbon, and began painting with a … [Read more...]

Heart Shadow Box {Tutorial}

Back in October, I made Creepy Critter Boxes that I used as part of my Halloween decor. When I made them I wanted to make sure that I could take the creepy critters out and use the shadow box for something else. I was recently cleaning and found my shadow boxes again! *Yes, our house has been quite a disaster the past few months with the finishing and now completion of the craft room! I started brainstorming a variety ideas when this project came to mind. Ultimately, I'm very pleased with … [Read more...]

Believe Sign {Mini Tutorial}


Mr. Woodsy's company closes every year during the last two weeks of the year. This past year he was more bored than ever! So bored, that he finally tried out his scroll saw that he got Christmas of 2009! He asked me to print out a font (CACpinafore) and phrase that I liked, and he would give his scroll saw a try! He basically cut out the white paper and pressed firmly with a pencil to outline the black lines so that it would transfer onto some scrap pine that he had laying around in the … [Read more...]

Frosted Valentine’s Day Vases {Mini Tutorial}

Last year, after receiving my cricut for Christmas (2009) I started seeing all of these blog post about cutting vinyl with the cricut! I was instantly intrigued, but at the same time quite a bit intimidated. I saw on a blog (and forgive me that I did not document which blog) how you could use etching cream, vinyl, and a plain vase to create a frosted glass! I cleaned my vases very well with hot water and soap prior to getting started on the project. I laid out newspaper on my kitchen island, and … [Read more...]

Tissue Paper Tree


We hope everyone had a wonderful Holiday! I wanted to post about this tree prior to Christmas, but we just got too busy! I saw these amazing tissue paper tree's earlier this month on Spunky Junk {go to there tutorial for more details} and I instantly knew I wanted to make at least one tissue paper tree. I actually wanted to make a variety of tree's but like most projects... time got the best of me! Remember, how I hosted my third craft lunch at work the other week? Well this was the project I … [Read more...]

{Mini Tutorial} Pillow Covers

Pillow covers are super easy to sew; yet some how I missed the memo on this! I just started sewing earlier this year, and my first project out the shoot was an elastic waistband pencil skirt! One would say it's just as easy as sewing pillow covers, but I never realized how simple the pillow covers really were until my neighbor showed me hers! That's when I got inspired to make my own. I have these really bright and vibrant out door pillows for my bench on our front porch, and in the winter … [Read more...]