Summer Home Maintenance

This is a sponsored post by Filtrete Filters from 3M. Can you believe that July is over? As we continue to stay in the dog days of summer we wanted to share a few of our summer home maintenance tips with our readers. Today we are sharing some tips from Filtrete Filters from 3M. Because it's hotter out it is super important to properly maintain your air-conditioning unit as well as other house hold major appliances you might not always think about maintaining. Here is a checklist on … [Read more...]

Allergy Season… time to change the air filter!

It's that time of year... the most dreaded time of year for me at least. It's allergy season. I get a daily push-notification from my weather channel app alerting me of the current status of pollen in our area. Nine times out of ten we are on a high alert. When our friends at Filtrete invited us to become ambassadors for the year we knew we couldn't pass up the offer. Improving air quality in our home is our number one priority! Filtrete Filters are the most trusted brand of furnace filters. … [Read more...]

How we broke our upholstered tufted headboard…

We are getting extra personal this week on Sew Woodsy. When I first told my friend Sarah from While They Snooze via text message her response was "what the heck is going on in your bedroom"? noooo... not like that. This is the story of how we broke our upholstered tufted headboard... Monday night we decided to remove our upholstered tufted headboard from the wall. You see, we are having some major issues with tics. Our sweet little dog Lola has them. I think it all started back in November … [Read more...]

{Tutorial} Inexpensive Wall Art

 Last month we completed a mini-bathroom revamp on our guest bathroom. I was so pleased with the outcome, but I needed some wall art. I waited a few weeks and looked at a variety of art pieces. It wasn't until one afternoon when I was perusing through the clearance bins at Michael's when I stumbled across 4 ugly small canvases. I instantly grabbed them and knew I could do something with them--I just didn't know what. It wasn't until later that night when I got pulled them out of the bag that I … [Read more...]