How to Make a Zero Clearance Table Saw Insert

After we purchased our dressers from the kind man on Craigslist Mr. Woodsy started research how he was going to rebuild the drawer slides. 80% of the current drawer slides were broken and we wanted each drawer to glide with ease. For a good month he was convinced that he was going to hand craft all 14 drawer slides. That was until a dinner with my family back in March where my mom jokingly told him that she knows he can build everything and do everything, but lets get realistic that is not the … [Read more...]

How To Remove Baseboards

Have you ever wondered how to remove the baseboards from your walls without damaging the physical wall itself? While I was away from our home a few months ago, Mr. Woodsy decided he wanted to change out our baseboards in our Master Bedroom. He has became a pro at removing baseboards from the wall without any damage. The baseboard pictured above is the original baseboard from our home. When we first moved into our home Mr. Woodsy carefully removed the baseboards so he could install the bamboo … [Read more...]

Scrap Ribbon Valentine Garland

I am making the effort to not spend a lot of money on craft supplies this year, and in doing so using more of the supplies I already own. I got this garland idea while cruising the Valentine aisle at Michaels. That is when I realized it was finally time for me to stop hoarding my scraps of ribbon and put them to good use! I saw it and loved it, but didn't want to spend $12.99 on a strand of garland. I also didn't want it as busy as the one I had seen at Michaels. I originally was going to use a … [Read more...]

Yarn Ornaments

Today I'm excited to introduce Lindsay from Southern Lovely. She has an amazing yarn ornament to share, today! Well hello there! I'm Lindsay, and I blog over at Southern Lovely. Being a busy mom of three, crafting is sometimes hard to come by. I love a good DIY, painting or sewing project. I usually do my best work after the kids have gone to bed. :) When Katie asked if I would participate in her 'handmade ornament' series this year, I was very excited! I love ornaments of all kinds, and … [Read more...]

Pom Pom Snowman Ornament

Today's guest for the 12 Days of Handmade Ornaments is Carolyn from Homework! I strongly encourage you to visit her blog if you have never visited before! She does some amazing craft projects. I love her style--super clean and always unique! She is so creative, and that is why I invited her hear today! I’m Carolyn from homework - I post about crafts, diy, home décor, gardening, food and all types of creative inspiration. The name homework was originally the name of my marketing consulting … [Read more...]

World’s Easiest Monogrammed Ornament

Today's first guest of the 12 Days of Handmade Ornaments is Vivienne from The V Spot blog. I'm so excited she is sharing her monogram ornament with us today. She likes to up-cycle and find inexpensive things to turn them into amazing crafts! Hi Sew Woodsy readers! I'm Vivienne from The V Spot and I am so pleased to be here today! I'm going to show you how to make the World's Easiest Monogrammed Ornament. Take horrible, plastic, over-sized ornaments from the Dollar … [Read more...]

{Pool Table} Dining Room Tablecloth

What do you do when you need a table cloth that fits a massive pool table--table top? You certainly can't find one that fits (and looks good) at just any store, and if you try to buy one from a specialty store you are going to spend a ridiculous amount of money. My good friend, Sarah, from While They Snooze, suggested I buy 2 or 3 table cloths and sew them together. I took her advice, and that's exactly what I did! I'm so incredibly happy with how it turned out, and best of all I now have a … [Read more...]

Pearl Ribbon Necklace

I'm not one to make my own jewelry, so this is a fairly new concept for me. I figured a great way to take the plunge was to make a pearl ribbon necklace. It seemed fairly easy, and since I've been wanting to make one for quite some time I figured this would be a great beginner jewelry making project! As you know I guest blog from time-to-time on the Bowdabra blog, and by doing so I receive quite a bit of ribbon to use for my projects. Last month I receied a wide variety of the new Ribbon to … [Read more...]

{Guest Blogger} Fall Plate

I'm so excited to have Danielle from Blissful and Domestic over today! If your not familiar with her blog I highly suggest you head over their pronto! Plus, every Friday she host a fabulous party! ---------------------------------- Hello Lovelies! I am so excited to be here at Sew Woodsy! Thanks for having me Katie. I am excited to share a fun tutorial with you today. Before we get crafting though, I thought I would introduce myself first. I am Danielle and my home is over at Blissful and … [Read more...]

Witch Wood Cut-Out + Free Printable

Today we have a special guest blogger. This is not just anyone blogging... meet Mr. Woodsy's mom, Linda! My mother in-law made the infamous wood witch cut-out a few weekend's ago and wanted to share with the readers of Sew Woodsy! Pictures taken by Mr. Woodsy dad, Frank whom we've dubbed PAPA-razzi because he loves to take photos (he takes some awesome photos and was the one who took our photos for our "About Us" section). Supplies Needed: Template for the Witch and for the … [Read more...]