How to Build an Extra Wide Simple Dresser

Today, we've teamed up with the amazingly talented Ana White to share how we built this extra wide simple dresser. This may look familiar, you know, the ridiculous expensive Pottery Barn Kids Kendall dresser that is oh-so cute (but not so much the price tag--$900...ouch)!  We met Ana at Haven two years ago and have remained friends ever since. She is the sweetest most humble lady I know. And her husband, Jacob is a charm too. He's been at Haven both years and Jon and him hit it off immediately. … [Read more...]

Whale Nursery Inspiration Board

  I'm so excited to share with you our whale-themed nursery inspiration board today. This board has been a long time in the making, and still their are a few elements that are 100% final. Jon painted the nursery last month, and we've literally been working all month and now this month on board and batten. Little did we realize how long it would really take us to complete. Plus, remember we work full time jobs so the only time we have to work on it is after work and on the weekend! We are … [Read more...]

How to De-Clutter a Room… aka clean it out for a nursery!

  Warning: these are not pretty photos. All photos taken on my iPhone that we are about to share!  I think the hardest part about our big nursery project is cleaning out the guest room. Over the past 4.5 years our guest room has been our "dumping ground". Yes, you read that correctly. We would just dump whatever it was into that room. And then when we had a family member come to visit we were running around frantically trying to move all the crap out of the room to get it "guest" … [Read more...]

{Feature} Coral & Aqua Nursery

Earlier this year, Jon and I helped out our friends who were expecting their first baby. We helped install crown moulding for the room and we reupholster their rocking ottoman with a pillowcase! Today, we are sharing how their room turned out. I wanted to share this back in August/September but I was afraid people would think we were expecting (even though we were we didn't want to give any hints)! I'm in love with how modern and fresh it is. Our hope is to give other new parents expecting a … [Read more...]

How to Reupholster a Rocking Ottoman with a Pillowcase

A few month's ago we had the pleasure of helping our friends with their nursery! You might remember, that we installed crown moulding for them. While we were over, I helped reupholster a rocking ottoman with a pillowcase. My friend, Rachel, couldn't find fabric that she liked, so she bought a flat sheet set that also contained pillow cases! While the guys finished up on the crown moulding I taught her how to reupholster using a pneumatic staple gun! At first she was nervous to use it but then … [Read more...]