{Sneak Peak} Craft Room Desk

This past Sunday marked a BIG day in our house!!! Jon (my husband) did a test run on the desk he's been working on for the past month. For those of you who don't know I have been dreaming about my own craft room (who hasn't?) since the day we purchased our house (last August), and Jon started working on plans late spring. After hours and hours of "planning meetings" we are finally starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel! When he brought the three pieces in from the garage (plus the … [Read more...]

{office} Light Switch Plate Revamp

I have scene quite a few blogs recently showcasing a customized light switch plate. You can find a few {of many} examples HERE, HERE, and HERE! I also read about this last year when I purchased a very cool craft book called "The Big-Ass Book of Crafts". Since we've been focusing on trying to complete our office project I've obviously been on customization over load. You can check out the file cabinet & magazine holdersI've completed in the past few weeks. And now... a light switch plate to … [Read more...]

{Tutorial} Customized Magazine Holders

On a recent trip to Ikea I saw a 5 pack of plain white magazine holders for only $2. I knew these would be perfect for my new and improved craft room {once it's done I'll post pictures}. I immediately started brainstorming about how I wanted to make these. I went to the craft store took my inspirational color pallet with me (see the file cabinet makeover), and started matching other papers and patterns to it. In the end I came up with four different patterns and colors that would work well with … [Read more...]