Guest Blogging today at Meremade

I'm guest blogging over at Meremade today! When Jennifer asked me to participate I couldn't resist in not participating in "Back-to-School" month on Meremade. I instantly knew what I wanted to make and thus I've created a customized notebook with supplies I already had in my craft room. What's wonderful about this notebook is that you can customize it to your own supplies, color pallet, and taste! I made this notebook for my friend Chisty's daughter, Chloe! She loves making  paper crafting, … [Read more...]

Dual Heat-N-Bond {Cricut Cut} Onesie

One of my first post on Sew Woodsy was about cutting fabric with the cricut and using Heat-N-Bond to adhere the fabric to clothing. I got a new cartridge recently, and was working on some baby gifts and made my first ever layered heat-n-bond fabric project. I love how the additional color brings out the rest of the cut phrase and image.  If your interested in doing a dual-layered cut out using heat-n-bond you'll want to adhere the first layer onto the clothing, and once the surface has … [Read more...]

Sewn Homemade Business Cards {& CFL Blog Con recap}

Last Saturday, I had the opportunity to attend the Central Florida Bloggers Conference at Park Maitland School, in Maitland, Florida. I was excited to see some of my blogger friends in real life, finally put a face to a name with those I chat with on Twitter, meet new bloggers, and of course learn new blogging techniques. The number one rule when going to any type of networking event is to have a business card. Let's face it you will be talking with many people and you aren't  going to remember … [Read more...]

Pacifier Clip

Back in January I saw this blog post from Running with Scissors about making your own pacifier clip. Since I have a million friends (ok maybe I'm exaggerating on the number) that all seem to be having babies I figured this would be a perfect project to try and hopefully give as gifts! Right after my most recent cousin was born I decided I would give this project a try. I am not going to re-create the wheel here since Jessica did a great job on her tutorial.  This project took me a … [Read more...]

iPhone Sleeve {Mini Tutorial}

A few week's ago I wanted to make my mom a new iPhone sleeve for her birthday. Last year, upon request from her, I put together this pathetic looking sleeve. Last month,  when she pulled that pathetic looking sleeve out of her purse I desperately wanted her to put it back in her purse... actually, I wanted to throw it directly in the trash. Not only was it super dirty (*note to self never make a sleeve out of white fabric), it was to small for the phone, and poorly constructed. That's when I … [Read more...]

Cloth Snack Baggie

Last month, I featured a cloth snack baggie from Rhinestone Beagle. I was very intrigued by the use of fusible vinyl! I ran out to the store and bought a role, and used neutral "scraps" of fabric from my craft room to come up with an awesome reusable snack bag for myself! I followed Rhinestone Beagles tutorial. It is a well thought out and written tutorial. They did not miss a step, and I wasn't at all confused.  I want to let you know that there were multiple instances when I thought I was … [Read more...]

{Guest Blogger} Toddler Tank Dress Upcycle

As most of you know, Mr. Woodsy and I have been very busy thus not too many crafts/DIY/home renovation projects going on at our house. I put out a call for some guest bloggers to share amazing projects, and I'm delighted to introduce you to a dear friend and coworker of mine, Sarah. Our first guest blogger. She is a busy working momma of 2 wonderful children and is very crafty, but has no time to blog about her awesome projects! Sarah will guest blog on Sew Woodsy from time-to-time and share … [Read more...]

Dimensional Magic Bracelet {Mini Tutorial}

Last summer I finally got my hands on Mod Podge's Dimensional Magic. I had read about it for months on end and I finally found it one day while at JoAnn Fabrics. I started using it to add an additional dimension to my cards. Then one day I saw you could use it to fill jewelry! My good friend, Anngela, beat me to it! As soon as our Hobby Lobby opened she found an awesome variety of jewelry to fill with Dimensional Magic. She did a tutorial on it here. She did a fabulous job on her tutorial that I … [Read more...]

Halloween {Heat-N-Bond} Shirt

Ever since I first experimented with heat-n-bond and my cutting with my cricut I knew I wanted to make my nephew a shirt... since Halloween is quickly approaching I made him a Halloween shirt to wear to school!I purchased a toddler shirt (size 2-4) from Hobby Lobby for $2.50, used some remnant Halloween fabric, heat-n-bond, my cricut, and both the Happy Hauntings Cartridge & the Pumpkin Carving Solutions Cartridge! I followed my directions that I wrote up here for the heat-n-bond.Here … [Read more...]

{Mini Tutorial} Blood Splattered Windows

As soon as I saw this on the Muse Lodge I immediately went to the store to buy a roll of parchment paper. We've shopped around for blinds for the sides of our door for almost a year now and nothing has worked out (we have to keep the bottom window visible for our big bad watch dog to look out (just kidding... we have a yorkie!)), and with that being said we now have a little privacy for the month of October! Here is my "blood splattered" parchment paper. I made a pattern with … [Read more...]