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Halloween Graveyard Stakes


We shared this tutorial last month on Ucreate. This is an easy tutorial on how to make your own Halloween Graveyard Crosses. This is a beginner woodworking project that requires basic tools. If you don't have a circular saw--don't worry. You can use a different saw to make this project. It's quite adaptable, and I'm sure you could get creative with it. The best part about this project is that it didn't cost us a single dollar, just time! We gathered old pallets from a shipping company (since we … [Read more...]

Skeleton Vase

skeleton vase

Earlier this month I shared this project on Dollar Store Crafts. Now, I'm back to share it on Sew Woodsy! Have you ever woken up in the middle of the night with an "ah-ha" moment. I have and this is exactly how this vase was created. I've had Halloween on the brain and have wanted to create some unique projects for only a few dollars. After literally dreaming up this idea I went to the dollar store the next day and purchased my supplies, and that night began crafting. Supplies:  2 … [Read more...]