Restored Wood Outdoor Table

A few weeks ago we shared our Restored Wood Outdoor Table with Gail from My {re}Purposed Life, and today I'm excited to share it with our readers!  We snagged this table off the curb over a year ago, while walking our yorkie on our evening walk. We spotted a child's wood table, umbrella, and chairs from a distance on the curb. We non-chalantly walked over to the curbside find, examined it, and after a few minutes of debating back and forth we decided that we would take the table with us. As you … [Read more...]

{Revamped} Wire Basket Plant Stands

5+ years ago when Mr. Woodsy and I first moved in to our first place we had very little decor. Needless to say nothing on our porch! One day, he came home from work with two beat up wire basket plant stands. I had expressed the interest in wanting a container garden and he felt these stands would be a great place to store the variety of pots we were starting to collect on our patio. It was a small narrow patio and with all the pots on the patio it gave us very little room to walk around. At the … [Read more...]

Wood Vinyl Sign

  I'm so excited to finally reveal the sign I've been working on for our master bedroom. I've had this "phrase" in my head for a long time and I knew eventually I would make it into a sign. It is even more appropriate since this sign is for our bedroom. Mr. Woodsy and I walked into our wedding reception to Ziggy Marley's "Love is my Religion". We love the song and we love reggae music in general. So the phrase "Love is our Religion" is very appropriate for us! I've recently partnered up with My … [Read more...]

{Bedroom Accessory} Spray Painted Picture Frame

A few months ago I found this amazing frame at Ross for $4.99. I knew the color wouldn't work but the style and shape was exactly what I was looking for. I knew a little spray paint could transform it exactly how I wanted it. Supplies: Picture Frame Spray Paint Drop Cloth Remove the glass and backing from the picture frame. Place the picture frame on a drop cloth away from anything that could be damaged. Begin spray painting your frame. I chose to do a light spray over the … [Read more...]

Chevron Heart Frame

Chevron pattern has been all the rage in the craft blog world over the past year, and I love the pattern dearly--yet I've created not one thing using this beloved pattern. Last week while parousing the aisles of Michaels I stumbled across this wooden heart shape frame for $1. I knew instantly that I could paint a chevron pattern on the frame and make it spectacular! The only problem I had was creating a perfectly straight chevron pattern. You probably noticed my "goof" instantly... the solid red … [Read more...]

Grapevine Snake Wreath

Last year I got the idea to make a snake wreath from Nitty Gritty Pretty. She made The CSI Project, and I couldn't live another Halloween without making one of my own! Because we used so much spray paint last year I could not afford to spend any more money on a high quality spray paint I went with a super cheap spray paint. BIG MISTAKE. Because it's still warm in Florida in October the black spray paint was stick to our front door... thus forcing us to have to re-paint our front door. Spend the … [Read more...]

Dead Ivy…

... well it's not really dead--I just wanted to make it look dead! I have rather large kitchen cabinets, and absolutely nothing that sits on top of them all year round *minus christmas when I put up beautiful vines of pine with white lights*. I wanted to do a similar but creepy effect for Halloween. That's when I decided I would spray paint perfectly green ivy and make it look "dead". Supplies: -Black Matte Spray Paint-Vines of Ivy-Painters drop clothLay a drop cloth out, and start … [Read more...]

{mini tutorial} Bloody Bathroom

Enter if you Dare...  *Guest bathroom from last year* In my attempts to create cool inexpensive decorations last year (and now this year) I had stumbled across this website that had a Horror Movie shower curtain and bath mat. But at $20 each I knew I could make my own! *Picture from For a whopping $20 I was able to transform my whole bathroom from normal every day to creepy scary! This is how I transformed our guest bathroom for $20: -white plastic shower curtain … [Read more...]

{Tutorial} Halloween Silhouette Plates

  Recently, I've scene quite a few blog post on making silhouette plates. I love the concept, but it just isn't my style... until I realized I could make HALLOWEEN silhouette plates!!! After this "aha" moment I experience I was off to the thrift store to find me some plates! 4 plates for .69 cents and one plate for $1.99 and I was ready to start this project! I already had the spray paint at home, and I knew I could find more than enough cool Halloween cut-outs via one of the three Halloween … [Read more...]

{Tutorial} Mummy Head on a Platter

  *My Version $18* *Inspiration picture from Grandin Road* The month of September is half way over, and that means that Halloween projects in our household have kicked up into full gear! Earlier this month I wrote an entry about some of the Halloween projects I'd like to take on before Halloween this year. All of the projects were based off of expensive decorations from Grandin Road. One of these projects was the Mummy Head on a Platter. It retails for $70. I knew I could recreate this … [Read more...]