Homemade Valentine’s Day Cards

Happy Valentine's Day. Is love in the air for you? It is for us... normally we just make a simple meal and spend time together. Oh, and make homemade Valentine's Day cards... not those store bought Hallmark ones! Ever since I started making my own cards a few years back I refused to purchase a card thus forcing Mr. Woodsy to learn how to use my die-cutting machine! Valentine's Day started early at our house.  Mr. Woodsy brought home roses for me yesterday afternoon... of course I had to put … [Read more...]

Chevron Heart Frame

Chevron pattern has been all the rage in the craft blog world over the past year, and I love the pattern dearly--yet I've created not one thing using this beloved pattern. Last week while parousing the aisles of Michaels I stumbled across this wooden heart shape frame for $1. I knew instantly that I could paint a chevron pattern on the frame and make it spectacular! The only problem I had was creating a perfectly straight chevron pattern. You probably noticed my "goof" instantly... the solid red … [Read more...]

Conversation Heart Magnets

When I think of Valentine candy the first thing that comes to mind are those chalky conversation herts--not chocolate covered cherries or fancy truffles! I knew I wanted to craft with them, but just couldn't figure out what it was I wanted to make. I used a glitter mod podge to coat them and then they sat on our dinning room table for a week. Until Mr. Woodsy finally asked me if he could throw away the shiny candy that had been sitting on the dining room table for a … [Read more...]

Valentine Glow in the Dark Dog Bandana

Our little pup, Lola, gets a cute little bandana every time she goes to the groomers. However, she doesn't go to the groomers but 4 times a year. I figured it would be nice to put Lola in the Valentine spirit as well. I also wanted to make it glow in the dark, so that when she goes out in our back yard at night we can see her. Now that we have the fence it's difficult to see her unless we have our back porch light on, and even then if she wonders over to the other side of the yard we are having … [Read more...]

Valentine’s Printable

What holiday is complete without making a free printable quote to display in your home? I love these printable quotes because you can use a picture frame you have in your home and just replace a picture with the quote! I especially love this quote from Dr. Seuss. I hope you'll enjoy the printable and display it in your home for others to enjoy! Valentine Printable - Red Valentine Quote Printable - Purple Valentine Quote Printable (Pink) … [Read more...]

Scrap Ribbon Valentine Garland

I am making the effort to not spend a lot of money on craft supplies this year, and in doing so using more of the supplies I already own. I got this garland idea while cruising the Valentine aisle at Michaels. That is when I realized it was finally time for me to stop hoarding my scraps of ribbon and put them to good use! I saw it and loved it, but didn't want to spend $12.99 on a strand of garland. I also didn't want it as busy as the one I had seen at Michaels. I originally was going to use … [Read more...]

Love Letter Bleach Pen Shirt

I've seen a variety of bleach pen crafts over the past year and have wanted to make a creation of my own. I bought a few inexpensive solid color tee's at Target a few months back and got the idea to create a one-of-a-kind original shirt for myself recently. I scoured the internet for famous love letters. I found this love letter written by Winston Churchill in 1935. I only used the first half of the love letter since it was on the longer side and I was writing rather large. January 23, 1935 … [Read more...]

{Mini Tutorial} Love Bird Birdhouse

Valentine's Day is technically a month away, and if your like me as soon as the Christmas decor came down the Valentine's decor came out. Now, granted I don't have bins and bins full of Valentine's decor. I just have enough to fill the shelves above our tv. I made a few crafts last year;  Frosted Valentine's Day Vases, Valentine's Stuffed Owl, Heart Shadow Box, Rosette Frame, Heart Garland, and lastly Mr. Woodsy made this amazing "Love" cut out using his scroll saw. These are the extent of my … [Read more...]

All You Need is "LOVE"

I hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine's day and got to spend it with someone you love! I got back from my work trip just in time to enjoy my decorations a few more days. They will soon be boxed up and I'll have to wait another year to bring them out again.A few week's ago I asked Mr. Woodsy to give his scroll saw another whirl and cut out the word "LOVE" for me. I was inspired by the LOVE cut out on the Home Accents Cricut cartridge, and knew it would make for a great wood cut-out.Mr. Woodsy … [Read more...]

"Hoo" Loves You?

"Hoo" loves you... that's right! I've made another owl. For those of you who are new to Sew Woodsy I sewed up the cutest owl back in October (a Halloween owl to be exact)! If your interested in making an owl of your own you can find the free pattern HERE. I've made a few of these owl's over the past few months as gifts, and now I have my second owl of my own... my Valentine's owl! Isn't it just precious?  … [Read more...]