{Get Organized} Create Vinyl Labels for OXO POP Containers

Is your pantry a disaster? Ours is about 9 times out of 10. I am also a food blogger, I cook A LOT! And that means that my itty-bitty pantry becomes a disaster in .01 seconds. Last year, I received a wide variety of OXO POP containers after winning a recipe contest on OXO's website. I choose to receive a crazy amount of POP containers to get our pantry a little more organized. Taking it a step further because after all I am a DIY blogger as well I added vinyl labels onto my … [Read more...]

Christmas DIY Canvas Subway Wall Art

DIY Subway wall art has been all the rage over the past few years. However, somehow I never jumped on the boat. When we started working on our Martha Stewart Living Holiday Collection project I knew I wanted to add some of my own personal touches to our entry hall. I felt that this was finally the time to make my own DIY subway art. Thankfully, I had bought two rather large canvas' on sale a few years back that had been taking up space in our home. One had a small hole in it and the other was in … [Read more...]

Halloween Vinyl Chalkboard Menu Board

I'm so excited to share a super simple vinyl project today just in time for the Halloween season. I've been toying around with this idea in my head for quite some time and I'm so happy I finally made my idea to come to life. After receiving a package of vinyl from MyVinylDirect.com last month I knew I wanted to make a chalkboard menu, and of course with Halloween sneaking up on us I knew this would be the perfect time to make it! Supplies: 1/4" Paneling Wood Table saw Chalkboard … [Read more...]

Wood Vinyl Sign

  I'm so excited to finally reveal the sign I've been working on for our master bedroom. I've had this "phrase" in my head for a long time and I knew eventually I would make it into a sign. It is even more appropriate since this sign is for our bedroom. Mr. Woodsy and I walked into our wedding reception to Ziggy Marley's "Love is my Religion". We love the song and we love reggae music in general. So the phrase "Love is our Religion" is very appropriate for us! I've recently partnered up with My … [Read more...]

Frosted Valentine’s Day Vases {Mini Tutorial}

Last year, after receiving my cricut for Christmas (2009) I started seeing all of these blog post about cutting vinyl with the cricut! I was instantly intrigued, but at the same time quite a bit intimidated. I saw on a blog (and forgive me that I did not document which blog) how you could use etching cream, vinyl, and a plain vase to create a frosted glass! I cleaned my vases very well with hot water and soap prior to getting started on the project. I laid out newspaper on my kitchen island, and … [Read more...]