Craft Lunch: Fabric Rosettes

It had been a few months since our last craft lunch at work. Being that I’ve been super busy and traveled half the month of March, Sarah, from While They Snooze organized last month’s craft lunch! She had been itching to make some fabric rosettes. Our goal for craft lunch is to always pick a craft that has very little pieces and parts, inexpensive, and can be typically completed within our hour lunch break. A majority of the time it involves hot glue. We have a co-worker (and very dear friend of mine) who is obsessed with hot glue, and one day she will start her very own hot glue blog. I swear she will hot glue anything, and when I mean anything… well, you get the point, that’s a whole different blog post. 

Sarah and myself compiled a list of wonderful fabric rosette examples for everyone to read up on and choose which rosette(s) they would want to complete within the hour. Most opted for rosettes that required hot glue and a few brave souls opted for the hand sewn rosettes. 

Prior to our craft lunch I saw a blog post on Skip to My Lou with the top 10 fabric flower tutorials. This was super helpful and gave even more examples than the ones Sarah and I found prior to our invite; Little Birdie Secrets, Freckled Laundry, Tip Junkie, Busy B Family, and The Creative Maven are a few more tutorials that show case how to make fabric rosettes. 

Here is the group getting started! 
The hot glue guns were plugged in and the hot glue gun helpers were out and ready to be used!
Andrea, started working on her pink rosette. She followed the tutorial from lillyella
Andrea attached her fabric rosette to a hair tie, and wore it around the office!
Erica and Christy were two of the brave soles who decided to sew their rosettes.
Erica choose to make the Fabric Yo-Yo Flower from The DIY Dish
Erica’s Yo-Yo flower was very nautical, so we had her salute the camera! 
Christy choose to make a hand sewn fabric rosette. It was a tutorial blend of Susie Harris meets Made by the Mama Monster!  

She made one rosette while everyone else who use hot glue made 2-3! 

Christy, modeling her new rosette. She hot glued the fabric rosette onto a pin back and pinned it on her necklace!

An up-close look at Christy’s new fabric rosette pin! Make sure you check out her photography blog! She is amazing! 
Here is the two fabric rosettes Rachel made within 20 minutes! She is our hot glue gun queen! She used a thicker knit material that seemed to work the best. She followed the Made by the Mama Monster tutorial. 

Sarah, from While The Snooze, made a head band for her daughter. She wrapped the cotton t-shirt around the $1 headband that she got from Michael’s. Then followed the Made by the Mama Monster tutorial. Cut out her own version of a leaf with a dark grey felt. Added a pink pearl embellishment to the middle of the flower, then hot glued all three pieces together! Super cute headband!!! 
Here are the three fabric rosettes I came up with! The first one is more like a rosebud than anything. I used a silk material that was a bit difficult to wrap. I also followed the the Made by the Mama Monster tutorial. My goal is to make these into a necklace… maybe next month I’ll get around to showing these fabric rosettes love and glueing them down! 

Here is the same picture above, but I manipulated it using instagram! If you follow me on Facebook you saw this picture almost a month ago! 
I hope you will go host your own craft lunch or at least make a few fabric rosettes on your own! Super easy and inexpensive project to make anytime–anywhere! 


  1. I love all the rosettes! I'm obviously a fan 🙂

  2. These are so lovely!

  3. Lesley Litrento says:

    What a fun idea! But if the pictures are accurate….there wasn't much LUNCH going on!!! lol

  4. @Lesley–so true. We all eat very fast prior to crafting!

  5. Lesley Litrento says:

    What a fun idea! But if the pictures are accurate….there wasn't much LUNCH going on!!! lol

  6. Thanks! This is brand new to me… like 2 days old. As of yet no one has complained, but then again my site has been down on and off during those 2 days. Ask me in another month or 2!

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