“Deck the Entry Hall” with Martha Stewart Living Holiday Collection

"Deck the Entry Hall" with Martha Stewart Living Holiday Collection

By now, most of you should know that Mr. Woodsy and I LOVE to decorate for the holidays. Typically, by Christmas we are exhausted from the house-wide decorating that goes on for Halloween. But since we didn’t decorate like crazy people this Halloween we are kind of decorating like crazy people for Christmas. Our home is officially decorated for Christmas! We finished over the long weekend.

Last year, I fell in love with our ornate Christmas tree we decorated. I channeled my inner-Martha and stuffed our tree full of gorgeous red and gold glitter tree-filler, glass ornaments, and ribbon. When the new Martha Stewart Christmas Decorations at The Home Depot were introduced earlier this month I went ga-ga over them. You see, Martha’s Winterberry collection is our exact color scheme I decorated with last year! I hadn’t planned to change up our color scheme this year since last year was our first year with a sophisticated “fancy” tree. I love that Martha makes it easy for anyone to decorate their home. She has three lines in this new collection: WinterberryArctic, and Christmas Collectibles. I was always intimidated by Christmas decorating and wanted my home to look just like Martha’s, but never knew where to start. That’s when I decided to pick a color theme last year. I think picking a color theme helps gather your organizational thoughts and keeps you guided on a clear path.

Martha Stewart Living Holiday Collection

When we received this opportunity, we knew the one part of our house that lacked the holiday spirit was our front entryway. Its where all of our guest see first, and yet we’ve neglected the front room of our home since moving in 3 years ago. So, the day after we got notification of this project we spent the afternoon at The Home Depot. Both of us with shopping carts in hand and a game plan in mind. Shopping for Christmas decor is a serious work and involves some big decisions. Hence the serious look on Mr. Woodsy’s face!

"Deck the Entry Hall" with Martha Stewart Living Holiday Collection

A few days later we started unpacking boxes, fluffing trees, and making bows!

Decorating with Martha Stewart Living Holiday Collection

We also invited our neighbor over to help us decorate. She loves decorating and we often turn to one another on design advice. She refused to have her picture taken, so I asked her if I could take a photo of her hands fluffing the tree. For blogging purposes, she is like our “Wilson” from the 1990’s show Home Improvement.

New Entryway Lighting!

We also finally compromised on a new entry way light! This was the last builder-grade light fixture we had yet to change (keep in mind we have lived in our home for over 3 years now). I didn’t have my DSLR by my side, but I did have my iPhone so I snapped a few quick photos. Bye-bye ugly light. Hello new beauty!

Christmas Subway Art by SewWoodsy.com

I wanted to add a few DIY touches of our own. I’ve never made my own subway art. I know… gasp! It seems like every blog I visit on the web has made a subway art of sorts. So I was happy to finally make one (I’ll have my tutorial up next week on how I achieved this DIY sign). I also added 6 red cardinals to our tree. A red cardinal represents my grandmother. She always said that when she died she would come back as a cardinal to watch over her family. We all love decorating with cardinals during the holidays. It makes us feel like she is a tad bit closer to us. At any given time you’ll find at least 5 red cardinals in our home.

"Deck the Entry Hall" with Martha Stewart Living Holiday Collection

I decorated our existing Ikea shoe rack by draping a “runner” of green burlap over the top of it. I kept the existing Pottery Barn red pillows then I added the Martha Stewart Living Winterberry 18 in. Ornament Tree in Red, Brown, Gold, and Pearl  as well as the white glittery santa from her line. We used one of the Martha Stewart Living doormats in front of the shoe rack as well as a lantern and firewood. We can’t forget the other side of the shoe rack! We added the pre-lit Martha Stewart Living Winterberry 2.5 foot tree!

"Deck the Entry Hall" with Martha Stewart Living Holiday Collection

"Deck the Entry Hall" with Martha Stewart Living Holiday Collection

Here is a view of our new mirror we added to the space!

"Deck the Entry Hall" with Martha Stewart Living Holiday Collection

It was Mr. Woodsy’s idea to drape a strand of Martha Stewart Living Winterberry 9 ft. Red, Gold, and Brown Ornament Garland over the mirror. I instantly knew I wanted to add two of the Martha Stewart Living 19 in. Snowy Fir Wire Basket with Red Berries on either side of our new mirror. I’m all about my design being symmetrical.

JOY Washi Tape Letters from SewWoodsy.com

I also decided to incorporate some red washi tape into my entry way. I can’t wait to share this simple washi tape project with everyone! I simply used one glue dot each on the backs of the letters to adhere it to the mirror!

Martha Stewart Living Winterberry Golden Pinecone Ornaments
I channeled my inner-Martha once again. I knew I wanted to use these gorgeous glittery pinecones (Martha Stewart Living Winterberry Golden Pinecone Ornaments (48-Set) ) in a bowl I already owned. However, these are meant to be ornaments, so I had to modify them a bit.

  1. As you can see from above, the gold string to hold the ornaments on the tree were everywhere in my bowl.
  2. I wrapped the gold string around the pinecone to hide it.
  3. Placed the pinecones neatly in the bowl
  4. Lastly, they were ready to be displayed!
Martha Stewart Living Winterberry Golden Pinecone Ornaments
This is what the pinecones looked after I was finished hiding all the ornament strings! From the looks of it you’d never know that they were pinecone ornaments! I placed this on the coffee table in our family room.
Bow on the Pre-Lit Tree
I knew I wanted to add a bountiful bow on the top of our Martha Stewart Living 6.5 ft. Pre-Lit Potted Artificial Christmas Tree with Clear Lights. Of course, I turned to my favorite tool during the holidays, my Bowdabra to help me make a gorgeous (and even) bow.
Decorating with Bows
I also added a yard of burlap cloth to an end table in our family room. I adorned the burlap with two bows to give a little more appeal.
  1. I used an upholstery needle to run a piece of Bowdabra Bow Thread through the burlap fabric, and carefully held on to one side of the thread while I slowly pulled the opposite side out of the burlap.
  2. I tied a loose knot on the burlap. Then attached the bow to the knotted thread.
  3. I cut the excess Bowdabra Bow Thread from the backs of the bow and burlap cloth, and fluffed my bow!

Martha Stewart Living Holiday Garland

One of the last items we worked on was the Winterberry 17 ft. Poinsettia Berry Garland. Not gonna lie–we had some challenges with the garland. This garland is massive. It’s 17 feet and a bit heavy. We tried using command hooks but the weight and length of the garland took down the hooks in minutes. We tried using our shower curtain rod, but it wasn’t long enough for the window. Our last result was screwing the garland into the wall.

"Deck the Entry Hall" with Martha Stewart Living Holiday Collection

I love the garland regardless of the challenges it gave us. It makes such a grand impact to our entry way.

"Deck the Entry Hall" with Martha Stewart Living Holiday Collection

We spent a good week debating over whether or not to hang the garland above the door or above the window. In the end we both decided on over the window. Then, Mr. Woodsy had this brillant idea. Buy some “fake” snow and place the reindeer and pinecones above creating a nice setting. I loved the idea and we ran with it!

"Deck the Entry Hall" with Martha Stewart Living Holiday Collection

I will admit that the reindeer scene above the door is one of my favorite elements of the entire hall! Its hidden yet impactful, and I love that not only can we enjoy it inside but our neighbors outside can see it!

Take a look at our amazing transformation…

(Before and After) "Deck the Entry Hall" with Martha Stewart Living Holiday Collection

 Thanks to Martha Stewart and The Home Depot our entry hall finally looks lived in and oh-so festive for the holiday season! Our front entryway is glamourous now and gives our guest a warm holiday welcome! As you can tell, we love adding textured and natural elements into our Christmas decorating. I love using burlap during this time of year and adding other natural elements like pine cones!

Here are a few photos from our front entry hall all decked out at night.

"Deck the Entry Hall" with Martha Stewart Living Holiday Collection

"Deck the Entry Hall" with Martha Stewart Living Holiday Collection

You can’t forget milk and cookies for Santa!

"Deck the Entry Hall" with Martha Stewart Living Holiday Collection

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Disclaimer: We received various Martha Stewart Living Holiday Decorations to decorate and were compensated for our work. All opinions are our own and do not reflect the companies mentioned above.


  1. It is so pretty and festive! I am inspired to step up my Christmas decor now. Thanks, Katie!

  2. It looks really pretty! I especially love your subway art, though, and I think the symbolism behind the cardinals is just beautiful!

    • Mrs. Woodsy aka Katie says:

      Thanks Viv! My mom and her sisters cried when they saw the cardinal tree over the Thanksgiving holiday! I’ll have my tutorial up next week for the subway art (using the cricut)!

  3. I love how everything turned out! Makes me want to get my Santa hat on & my holiday decor up 😉 Feel free to link up with me on DearCreatives dot com love to have you join in!

  4. Wow! Your foyer looks great. You two must smile every time you walk through this area.

  5. Katie! I’m in love with all of your decor! I love the glitz & burlap together. So beautiful & cozy.

  6. Love your entryway – it is bigger than some of my previous city apartments! LOL I think the garland over the door with the glittered deer “scene” is my favorite, but then again I love all the trees in different sizes too! And the washi tape JOY sign… there’s so much to enjoy!

    • Mrs. Woodsy aka Katie says:

      Thanks Laura for the kind comments! We live out in the suburbs, so we get to enjoy a little more space than normal! 🙂

  7. Sew Decked out!! I love it…I’m coming over for a cup of cocoa (Hope Santa doesn’t mind if I eat one of his cookies) Your entry is so inviting and cozy your holiday guests will never want to leave 🙂


  8. What an incredible entryway! I think Santa himself would be happy at your place! xo

  9. amy carson says:

    Hi Katie,

    If you change your Christmas decor this year, would you be interested in selling your collection of Martha Stewart winterberry glitter deer, ornament tree and garland hanging over the mirror? I just love that ornament collection and discovered it too late! If so let me know!
    Thanks and have a beautiful Christmas season this year!

    Amy Carson

    • Hi Amy, We love our winterberry collection and don’t plan on selling it any time soon! They have another collection this year that is similar in color scheme and I believe I saw the glitter deer in Home Depot as well. Good Luck!


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