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Create Vinyl Labels for OXO POP Containers from SewWoodsy.com

Is your pantry a disaster? Ours is about 9 times out of 10. I am also a food blogger, I cook A LOT! And that means that my itty-bitty pantry becomes a disaster in .01 seconds. Last year, I received a wide variety of OXO POP containers after winning a recipe contest on OXO’s website. I choose to receive a crazy amount of POP containers to get our pantry a little more organized. Taking it a step further because after all I am a DIY blogger as well I added vinyl labels onto my containers.


Make sure you read the entire post because there is a clue along the way to an awesome giveaway and they might just have to do with OXO POP Containers!

OXO Pop Containers

Gather your POP containers (or whatever containers you have).

Cleaning OXO Pop Containers

Clean them very well before you add your labels!

Write a list of all the labels you’ll want to make. Then measure your vinyl to fit your die-cutter cutting mat.

Cricut Mini - cutting vinyl for OXO POP Containters

Once your labels are designed cut them out on your Cricut Mini (or die cutting machines)! I made a “how to cut vinyl on the Cricut” tutorial way back when. You can reference it if you’ve never cut vinyl before.

Vinyl Labels for OXO Pop Containers

Once your labels are cut…. cut each individual label from the vinyl sheet. Then begin pealing off the “filler” vinyl so that you can read the word clearly.

Vinyl on OXO POP Containers

Place transfer tape on top of the vinyl decal.

Vinyl on OXO POP Containers

Remove the backing to the vinyl sheet.

Vinyl on OXO POP Containers

Carefully, place the transfer tape onto your container. Not to put any pressure on you but you have one time to get this right!

Vinyl on OXO POP Containers

Then, use a smoothing squeegee smooth out the transfer tape/vinyl. If you don’t have one of these, don’t sweat it. You can use a credit card.

Vinyl on OXO POP Containers

Voila! One label done… many more to go.

Vinyl on OXO POP Containers

Here I am on my second label.

And then repeat with the remaining labels!

Vinyl on OXO POP Containers

And then repeat with the remaining labels!

Vinyl on OXO POP Containers

Once all the labels are on its time to fill them up!

Vinyl on OXO POP Containers - pantry cleanup

So back to the cleaning the pantry… We removed everything

Vinyl on OXO POP Containers - cleaning a pantry!

And thankfully, Mr. Woodsy tackled the funky smell coming from the pantry (it was a few rotten potatoes).

OXO POP Container with Vinyl

Simple project to spruce up my new POP Containers!

OXO POP Containers with vinyl

You’ll notice I decided to make two different styles of labels. The smaller POP canisters need a smaller size design.

OXO POP Containers with Vinyl

OXO POP Containers with Vinyl labels

So you want a set of OXO POP Containers? Head on over to my cooking blog Facebook Fan Page; Katie’s Cucina to enter for a chance to win a 3 Piece Round Canister Set!

Disclaimer: OXO provided me with POP Containers after winning a recipe contest. MyVinyl.com provided me with vinyl. Neither of the companies compensated me or required me to post about their products. As always all opinions are my own. There are affiliate links in this post. 


  1. We love OXO containers…so I perked up to see this fantastic organizing post. I love the font and design you chose for your labels, Katie, especially for “Almonds.” And I loved seeing the K.I.R. (keepin’ it real) moment of Mr. Woodsy ascertaining the location of the funky smell. We’ve totally been there!


  2. Which circut cartridge did you use for this project? I love the design around the words!

  3. Good information. Lucky me I found your site by accident (stumbleupon).
    I have saved it for later!

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