Washi Tape Mouse Pad

A few years back when I first started blogging I shared how I did a mouse pad makeover. Well, fast forward 2.5 years later and 539 blog post later and I am in need of making over my mousepad once again! Since everyone knows by now I have a love for all things Washi Tape I had to make over a mouse pad using my beloved and favorite crafting supply! This project took me a little under an hour to create and has left a lasting impression on my desk in my craft room! Supplies: Mouse Pad Washi … [Read more...]

Craft Room Tour

This is a much anticipated post. Especially, since we finished the craft room almost two years ago. I never gave it the proper introduction to our loyal Sew Woodsy readers. Back in September, Mr. Woodsy picked up a side job and was gone the entire weekend. I vowed to him (and myself) that I would get the craft room clean. My main motivation was to take pictures so I can finally give a Craft Room Tour! First off, the craft room is not large. I went from a spacious loft to a 9 x 9 room. We … [Read more...]

Recovering the Ikea Tullsta Chair

This project has been a labor of love for sadly over two and a half years now! I finally finished the chair in September before we left for our vacation. I was determined to finish it because frankly I'm tired of hearing Mr. Woodsy complain about it not being done. We bought this chair used from a friend who was moving out of town for a whopping $25! The Tullsta chair retails at ikea for new for $200! I knew how good of deal we got; however, our friend had cats and the chair was a little beat … [Read more...]

{Tutorial} Modular Shelves

Here is the third blog post from the construction of the craft room! Mr. Woodsy has written a tutorial on how to make modular shelves for just about any space. These just happened to be made for my craft room! Without further ado... here is Mr. Woodsy to walk you through building modular shelves. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Measure the area where you will be installing the shelving. Next, get an inventory of materials or products that you will be storing on the shelves. Draw up plans of how you want … [Read more...]

Ribbon Rack {Tutorial}

Once again, we are debuting a new item from our custom craft room that Mr. Woodsy constructed last year! Today we will show you how to build your own ribbon rack! Originally, I wanted this measly ribbon rack and shelving unit at Michael's. I brought Mr. Woodsy to Michael's to see it, and as soon as he saw it he said he could build one that was bigger and better for a fraction of the cost. I took him up on his offer, and voila! He came up with an 8 row ribbon rack! Once again, Mr. Woodsy has put … [Read more...]

Paper Rack {mini-tutorial}

Featured on: Craft Gossip Months after completion we are finally going to start rolling out our various post on our craft room make over. If you remember back in October, I gave a sneak peak of the desk that Mr. Woodsy built.  Today, we are going to unveil the amazing (8 foot 3 inch tall) paper rack that Mr. Woodsy built for the craft room. Prior to the completion of the craft room I had boxes and boxes of paper, and most of the times I would go out and by new paper rather than sift … [Read more...]

{Sneak Peak} Craft Room Desk

This past Sunday marked a BIG day in our house!!! Jon (my husband) did a test run on the desk he's been working on for the past month. For those of you who don't know I have been dreaming about my own craft room (who hasn't?) since the day we purchased our house (last August), and Jon started working on plans late spring. After hours and hours of "planning meetings" we are finally starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel! When he brought the three pieces in from the garage (plus the … [Read more...]