Updating Old Hallway Lighting

I'm back again with another lighting update from our new-to-us house. I can't believe we've already been in our house almost 8 months now! I know we've done a lot but it doesn't feel like it--and just maybe we will get the rest of our baseboards installed before the end of the summer. But until then we've been busy again updating more light fixtures. It always surprises me that homeowners fail to upgrade the builder grade stuff. By updating the ceiling lights you truly transform your house into … [Read more...]

Renovations Update

Hi guys, thanks for baring with us. We have been chin-deep in renovations. If you follow on Instagram I've been sharing a bunch, but in case you don't follow me on Instagram I figured I would share a few photos of what we've been up too. Today was suppose to be moving day, but we've decided to finish up on a few more things around the house before we move in. So hopefully if all goes well we will be moving in by mid-week. We started by removing all the carpet from the bedrooms. After Jon … [Read more...]

How to Install A Ceiling Fan

We live in Florida. So what does that have to do with installing a ceiling fan?  It's a must that every room has a ceiling fan. Most northerners don't hike up the heat and the winter and the same goes with Southerners we don't keep our houses ice cold in the summer time. It's just not cost efficient. When we started brainstorming about the nursery I looked high and low for the perfect ceiling fan for the nursery. That's when I stumbled across the Cool Vista Damp Oil-Rubbed Bronze Ceiling … [Read more...]

How to Remove Formica Kitchen Countertops

Have you ever wondered how to remove formica kitchen countertops? Well, we are here to give you a few of our tips and tricks we used when we removed our formica countertops last summer/fall. I knew once the main countertops were gone that the kitchen would be officially out of commission. What we had planned to only be a weekend out of commission turned out to be a week and a half. No cooking for me for that week and a half--it was 100% take-out. Yes, hypothetically I could have cooked and we … [Read more...]

Weekend Upgrades

Mr. Woodsy was super busy this weekend working on a few upgrades. If you follow us on Facebook you would know that we scored an awesome deal on a new kitchen faucet. Although we both wanted to wait until we replaced our counter tops (next year) to purchase a new faucet--I just couldn't take using the short builder-grade faucet any longer.  Before... *(crappy) builder-grade faucet After...  Tall beautiful faucet! (Notice where the soap bottle is--covering the hole in the … [Read more...]

Guest Bathroom Mini-Makeover + Black Crown Molding

*Remember this teaser picture back from the beginning of October? When I wrote about my new $2 bathroom art... Now you finally get to see the tiny bathroom reveal! This project was finished at the end of September, but I never had time to post pictures of this mini makeover project. We called it a mini-makeover because we took down the builder grade mirror, light fixture, and medicine cabinet, and added our own touch to the bathroom. We also decided to be bold and not only put crown molding … [Read more...]

{Tutorial} Painting Stripes

When we first moved into our house a little over a year ago we choose to go with a neutral paint color throughout the house; BEHR's Tuscan Beige. We both agreed that once we were living in the house and if we wanted to add color we could do so then. Well it's been a year now, and I'm not going to lie. I'm ready to really change up the colors in our house! So one Sunday morning I some how convinced my husband to go to the hardware store and pick up the supplies (this was prior to looking at all … [Read more...]