What’s Up Wednesday Link Party

Happy Wednesday & Leap day at that! This makes for a very unique link party since it's leap day and a Wednesday! Who knows when both of these occurrences will happen again? If you read our blog post on Friday about Multiple Ways to Follow a Blog then you know that we are now going to offer a monthly newsletter. We hope you'll sign up to receive our first ever monthly news letter (next month)! Subscribe to our mailing list   This week's link party is sponsored by Pick Your … [Read more...]

Features from Last Week’s Link Party

Happy Tuesday! Mr. Woodsy's birthday was yesterday, and although yesterday was uneventful his weekend was far from that. He had attended all three NBA All-Star Games!  While he was hob-knobbing with all the celebs and A-listers I spent my Friday night sanding the second dresser. Thankfully, on Saturday we finally started working on our raised planter beds for our soon-to-be garden, and Mr. Woodsy taught me how to use the miter saw! Lastly, Sunday we slept in way too late, and stayed up way too … [Read more...]

Bridal Shower Recap

I wanted to do a mini re-cap of sorts of the Bridal Shower I co-hosted two weekends ago. My best friend is having a rustic themed wedding, and is using burlap everywhere and any where she can! With that being said I made sure to incorporate burlap throughout her shower. Last week I shared with you how I transformed mason jars by wrapping burlap and twine around them and made them into drinking glasses for the shower. If you missed this tutorial you must check-out my Burlap Wrapped Mason … [Read more...]

Blogging Tips & Tricks: Multiple Ways to Follow a Blog

Happy Friday! Today is the third Friday in a row that we are talking about another blogging tip. We hope everyone has enjoyed the series thus far. Today we are talking about the multiple ways to follow blogs. This is very appropriate given the fact that Google Friend Connect (GFC) will no longer work for bloggers on Wordpress.com or Wordpress.org and the rumor has it that GFC will be phased out all together in the coming year. Some of you may have noticed that we removed the GFC follow … [Read more...]

{Bridal Shower Favors} Lemon Tea Sugar Scrub

As most of you know I co-hosted my best friends bridal shower last weekend. I posted about the Burlap Wrapped Mason Jars the other day, and today I'm excited to share the DIY beauty product I made! I volunteered to take care of the bridal shower favors for all of the guest since I wanted something that would tie into our theme and also something that was memorable and that people would use. That's when I remembered seeing a recipe for a sugar scrub in my favorite craft book, Mark Montano's Big … [Read more...]

What’s Up Wednesday Link Party + Features

Happy Wednesday! I had a super busy weekend playing hostess with the mostess! I co-hosted my best friend's bridal shower and bachelorette party a few hours away from where we lived. So not only did I have to have everything complete the day prior I had to lug everything up and pray I didn't forget anything. I must say that without Mr. Woodsy's help I would have never gotten everything finish. I'm so happy he's not afraid to pick up a hot glue gun and pitch in!  We had a great weekend, and it … [Read more...]

Burlap Wrapped Mason Jars

I co-hosted my best friend's bridal shower this past Saturday. I've been assisting with the planning for a little over a month now, and I'm happy to report that her bridal shower was a hit! She is going with a "rustic" wedding theme, so we wanted to follow along with her theme and tie that into her shower theme. When her sister and I began planning I knew I wanted to incorporate mason jars some where in the mix. It was until I was browsing on Pinterest that I knew I wanted to use mason jars as … [Read more...]

Tips on Preparing for a Stress-Free Party

We entertain a lot. We throw dinner parties with 10 or less friends, we have our immediate and extended families over for dinner monthly, we throw themed parties (like Halloween), and we have "get togethers" just because. Ironically today, I'm co-hosting my best friends bridal shower and later tonight hosting her bachelorette party. I'm part of the Life Well Lived panel on BlogHer and wanted to share my tips on preparing for a stress-free party. We all have been there before... we are less … [Read more...]

Blogging Tips & Tricks: WordPress.com Vs. WordPress.org

I'm excited to shed some insight on another hot topic that some bloggers may or may not know about. If you didn't know this already... their are two versions of WordPress. WordPress.com is a free service and is simple to set up, and then their is WordPress.org where you essentially download the WordPress shell and then are responsible for paying for a domain name, a web host, and downloading all software including upgrades.     Pro's: -Free -Your blog is hosted on multiple … [Read more...]

Paint has arrived!

I got to work pretty early this morning, pecking away at my keep board, reading emails, etc... that's when my cell phone began ringing. I've been getting quite a few unknown numbers recently since we have been car shopping for the past few weeks. If you follow us on Twitter you know then that we bought a car last night! I didn't think a car dealership would call at 8:00 in the morning, but I wouldn't put it pass them. So I reluctantly answered, and I'm so glad I did! It was a delivery man from … [Read more...]