Craft Room Tour

Craft Room TourThis is a much anticipated post. Especially, since we finished the craft room almost two years ago. I never gave it the proper introduction to our loyal Sew Woodsy readers. Back in September, Mr. Woodsy picked up a side job and was gone the entire weekend. I vowed to him (and myself) that I would get the craft room clean. My main motivation was to take pictures so I can finally give a Craft Room Tour!

Craft Room Tour

First off, the craft room is not large. I went from a spacious loft to a 9 x 9 room. We knew in order to make the best use of the space we would need a lot of organization spaces. When you first walk into the room, you see our reupholstered ikea chair,  9 foot tall paper rack, and 2 Ikea bookshelves.

*We have  had a lot of people ask us what color the green wall is painted. We painted it in BEHR Ultra Base 2753. Hope that helps for all who have asked! If you need further color codes please feel free to email us!

craft room tour Like I said, this is a small room. I am not using a wide angle lens…

Craft Room Tour

A few years back I posted about making my own fabric bolts… I needed a fabric storing solution so I could see all the fabric I owned. Unfortunately, I could use two full shelves like this because I still have 2 baskets full of fabric!

Craft Room Tour

Here is what the other side of the craft room looks like. We never shared how Mr. Woodsy built the desk. We only shared a sneak peek of it. All the shelves are custom. You may remember seeing the tutorial on the modular shelves.

Craft Room Tour Mr. Woodsy also made a custom ribbon rack.

Craft Room Tour

He also made me storage for stamps and such!

Craft Room TourWe also never blogged about the printer cart on casters that Mr. Woodsy built. It fits the space perfect and we can wheel it out when needed! Picture to the left is our mod podge file cabinet makeover.

Craft Room Tour

Mr. Woodsy drilled two holes in the custom table so I could easily run plugs in out of the desk. The desk curves around so that both of us can be sitting at the desk at once. Whether its one of us on the computer and the other in the “sewing” area or both of us near the sewing area. Unfortunately, we didn’t post any tutorials on how we made the desk.

I hope you enjoyed taking a tour of my craft room. In my head I’m still making modifications and one day I’ll have even more storage available!


  1. You and your handy husband are quite a team! -K

  2. I envy your organization! Great creative space.

    • Mrs. Woodsy aka Katie says:

      Johnnie–it doesn’t always look this clean and organized! Since building this 2 years ago I could use double the shelving for storage!

  3. I have 2 thoughts
    1. WOW
    2. I want to move in

    Happy Thanksgiving Katie! Wishing you and your family a lovely holiday! xo

  4. Is it possible to borrow Mr. Woodsy some day to help me realize my dream of a neat and organized craft room like yours one day? My DH rarely enters my ribbon and glitter dungeon and when he does he leaves quickly while shaking his head 🙂 Love the 9ft paper storage and the printer cart on casters. You two are creative storage geniuses!


    • Mrs. Woodsy aka Katie says:

      Lol… Amy! Anytime… Mr. Woodsy likes stuff neat and organized so he was up for the challenge! 🙂

  5. Wow!! That’s such a lovely craft room…. and really really neat too….. I wish I had a room like that. I used to lug my sewing machine to the dining table then back to the cupboard… my craft area is now an Ikea bought table. Nothing fancy, but at least I can leave my sewing machine on the table and not lug it around anymore =p

    • Mrs. Woodsy aka Katie says:

      Thank you so much for the kind comments! In our last home all I had was an ikea table, too! This was a labor of love!

  6. So excited to find this updated post! We’re using your re-vamped closet as inspiration for my new office/craft area and are starting the project tomorrow. I cannot wait to see how it turns out. Thanks for posting so many awesome photos of your end-results. Love how clean and put together it looks.

    • Mrs. Woodsy aka Katie says:

      Danielle, I’m so excited to read this! I hope you’ll share photos with us of your end result. Please don’t let the pictures fool you–the craft room looks like this maybe for 1 month in total throughout the year. Stay tuned in January because we are making some additional storage adjustments to the craft room.

      • Oh yes… I plan on sharing photos when it’s done! The paint is up on the walls and the wood is being put together for the desk. We cheated by finding a small cabinet/storage unit at IKEA in the As Is section to help with some of the overhead storage in the closet but the desk and everything else will be made by my husband as well as a few other storage shelves we’ll add in addition to the unit.

        And I am sure that once we get it all organized and put together we’ll have it disorganized in a few short weeks as well. Especially with 1/2 of the room acting as a play room for the kids!

  7. Great craft room! I’m currently collecting ideas. Thanks for the inspiration!

    • Mrs. Woodsy aka Katie says:

      Thanks Leslie for stopping by. We will be sharing a few more craft room updates in the coming months!

  8. I love your craft room!!! I was just curious if you could please tell me what color the green paint is on the wall. I am wanting to paint my room green but am “all over the place” with what shade to use. I really like yours!! Thank you so much

    • Mrs. Woodsy aka Katie says:

      Hi Kimberly. Thank you for the kind comments! I don’t have the exact color name but I have the color code: BEHR Ultra Base 2753. If for some reason Home Depot Can’t match that I’ll send you a photo of the entire label. 🙂

      • Hi Katie,
        Like Kimberly, I LOVE the color of your craft room!! Do you still have the paint color information? The color code you listed relates only to the base color (shade of white) and not the gorgeous, cheery, apple green color of your room. It’s been a long time since your original post – I hope you still have the information.

  9. I LOVE your craft room. You guys did SUCH an awesome job on it. We just recently moved and living back on an Air Force base means small spaces. I am so stealing all of your ideas. hee hee. my room is 10X11 and am going to go with the desk in the closet too. What is your desk top made from? I want something sturdy, but not TOO pricey but yet something that cleans up well. Thanks for any info you can give me.


    • Mrs. Woodsy aka Katie says:

      Hi Kelly. Thank you for the kind compliments. I’m glad you can see that even the smallest of rooms can still be functional. We used 3/4-inch pine plywood for the desk as well as the shelving. My husband glued a 2-inch boarder around the outskirts of the desk so that the desk looks like it is really 2-inches thick. I can send you pictures of what the underneath portion of the counter top looks like if I didn’t explain clear enough. Thanks for stopping by! And if you build something similar I would love to feature your work!

  10. I love this room! Where did you get the cute green chair? I have been looking for one like this in a yellow print and can only find leather. Thanks!

    • Mrs. Woodsy aka Katie says:

      Hi Maura–Thank you for the kind compliments. We recovered the Ikea Tullsta Chair ourselves. You can find the tutorial here.

  11. Wow. Just…..WOW! This looks amazing! I love how you have organized everything! I need a craft room!

  12. Hi, Mrs. Woodsy! I came across your craft room on Pinterest and would love to feature it in my next post for Craft Storage Ideas ( I would be linking all the photos back to your blog, of course. I really think our readers would love to see all the wonderful ideas you and your hubby have come up with! If you’d rather not have me use your room, I totally understand! Hope to hear from you soon! ~ Doris (

  13. Shanda M. says:

    Hello Mrs. Woodsy! I saw your craft room on Pinterest and just fell in love:) We had already started on my craft room makeover and have already widened the closet but I was having the worst time designing the interior layout and then I came across your post and….WOW!!! It’s fabulous (props to Mr. Woodsy as well)! I was wondering if you could answer 2 questions for me though. I was wondering the depth of your closet and the height from the floor to the desktop? I just recently refurbished 4 small filing cabinets that I got at an auction and am hoping they are the same height so that they could be used for the extra desktop support:) Thank you so much for sharing your ideas….it makes it a lot easier for us less able remodelers;)

    • Hi Shanda, Thanks for stopping by and for all the kind words. The desk is 27.5″ deep and 30″ tall (floor to desk). Even if you’re filing cabinets aren’t exactly the right height you could always put extra pieces of wood underneath it and then build the desk on top of it. Good luck and please share with us your end result! We would love to feature it on Sew Woodsy. Also, you can find a wide variety of tutorials for how Jon made the various pieces by searching “craft room”.

  14. Holy cow! Your craft room is so awesome…all that storage! Way to take advantage of the space you have!

    • Thanks Amy! It is a very small space, and I have a lot of craft supplies so I knew I would need as much vertical storage as possible!

  15. i am so JEALOUS with ur ROOM !!!!!
    no words can describe how amazing awesome ur rooms !

  16. I have been searching pinterest for ideas for storage. Like you I sew (quilt actually, which adds to my storage problems) as well as make cards and other paper and general crafts. So as you know only too well this really adds to the amount of supplies we have to keep on hand. To add to my problem even more I have a full blown mid arm quilting frame that I had to buy due to it being such a fantastic deal. That takes up an entire wall since it is 12ft long. I am disabled and single so there is no one like Mr Woodsy in my life to help me with this. More than likely I will end up having to hire carpenter to built the storage I need. As of now, I have a bunch of different shelves, a desk with a hutch and my sewing cabinet. It is a bunch of different things, thrown together and nothing matches. I had to think of making sure I had someplace to put the stuff, before how pretty it all was. So functionality definitely was my first goal. I did get my brother to build a great design wall for me as well as 4 9ft shelves to give me some vertical storage. I also have an extremely large armoire that I am not sure how in the world it would be able to be moved due to the size and weight. It was a miracle we were able to get it up the stairs in the first place. But to add to this even more, I work from home and this room has to act as my home office too!

    We are moving in the next 6 months. I live with my mom which works well for both of us since at different times we both need someone to help us. One thing we know is I will have a sewing/craft room /office at this home too. With the quilt frame it requires I have an uninterrupted wall space of at least 13ft. So the room will have to be large. But regardless of how large it is, it still will require smart storage solutions. Your room has some really great ideas!!! Now I just need to find someone like Mr Woodsy that can put those ideas into action!!

    Thanks again for all the great inspiration and ideas for my challenge!
    Forney, TX

    • Hi Erin, thanks for stopping by and leaving such a nice comment. Hopefully you’ll find a Mr. Woodsy to help make your craft room exactly what you need! We have a very small space and I feel like I outgrow it monthly–so its all about cleaning it up and purging. Good luck!

  17. You have a beautiful craft room. I’m insanely jealous right now 🙂

  18. I was looking for any insite on how you made that desk in your craft room. I have a similar situation. I have an extra room that is the exercise room, extra tv room, craft room, sewing room, game room, part office room, and all around extra storage room.


  19. I love your craft room! In fact, I included it in my post about my Top 6 Craft Rooms!

    I’m glad that you included links to your other projects. My hubby makes storage and bookshelves for me and I would love for him to be able to replicate the ribbon rack Mr. Woodsy made for you.

  20. Margaret Burkett says:

    Hello. I don’t see any recent posts here so I hope that this makes it to you. I love your craft room design. I have a small bedroom that I have been using and it is time to really get it organized. Can you tell me the finished height of your wraparound desk and how deep is it from the wall? Also, what is the material and how was it finished to get the wonderful smooth top and edges? In the shot with your beautiful chair, you can see a small shelving unit under the desk. Is that a custom piece? Thanks so much for so many great ideas. I hope to get a response.

    • Hi Margaret! Unfortunately, we moved a few years back and I do not have any dimensions to provide for you since my husband custom made this for my room. The shelving under the desk was part custom made. We found a drawer on clearance at Home Depot and on the other side of the 3-drawer was a small shelf my husband made. The best thing to do (which is what we did) is to tape and measure everything out to figure out what dimensions work best for your space. The desk top was plywood that my husband sanded, painted, and applied a few coats of polyurethane to! Hope that helps.


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