How to Create a Natural Log Pathway + Video

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How to Create a Natural Log Pathway + Video via
We like (what we like to call) “free projects” or in this case very inexpensive projects that make a HUGE impact on our living space. It all started with quite a few collected logs that Mr. Woodsy had been hoarding collecting over the past month. We partnered with our friends at to create yet another fun and creative DIY video. This time we share how to create a natural outdoor pathway!

Watch our video to learn just how we created this natural log pathway for $20!

How to Create a Natural Log Pathway + Video via

From the video you saw we needed a lot of logs to make this pathway.

Wheel barrels full of logs…

How to Create a Natural Log Pathway + Video via

He spent a good 2-3 hours cutting logs with the chain saw. If their is one tool that I would prefer to never learn how to use it would be the chain saw. Not sure if it’s because of scary movies or because they simply scare the mess out of me.

How to Create a Natural Log Pathway + Video via I spent an hour one evening sealing wood logs. Not a glamourous job but someone had to do it (and let’s face it I had no desire to start digging the pathway in the dark).

How to Create a Natural Log Pathway + Video via

How to Create a Natural Log Pathway + Video via
And I had to share this photo since this is how we tend to get towards the middle-to-end-of filming… a little goofy. I snapped the photo and told Jon this would make the blog… he said “whatever”. It’s Jon really being himself. lol.

How to Create a Natural Log Pathway + Video via
And then he proceeded to do the rain dance on video… did anyone catch that? With a serious face might I add. I on the other hand was silently laughing… like in tears laughing. After we stopped recording I ask him if he wanted to do another retake and he said “no–why what’s wrong with doing the rain dance”?

As Jon noted in the video he used 5 bags of Sand Paver Base (its not really sand its like little stones). We bought it for $4 a bag.

It didn’t take us too long to actually lay down the logs.

How to Create a Natural Log Pathway + Video via

We both love the beautiful transformation we made to our backyard garden area. I love our timber I of course love that I no longer have to walk through the grass to get to the garden!

How to Create a Natural Log Pathway + Video via

I love adding natural elements to bring texture and added design to our backyard.  How to Create a Natural Log Pathway + Video via

What outdoor projects have you been working on lately?

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  1. Heather says:

    WOW, I love this pathway!!

  2. I love this. We have lots of wood to do this pathway. One question… is it hot to walk on in bare feet?

    • Hi Lynn. Thanks for the kind compliments! To be honest I’ve never walked on it with bare feet. However, I just went outside and tested it for you and it’s not hot at all (however it’s an overcast day out). I was leery I would get a splinter, though. Good luck and hopefully you guys make one! If you do please send a picture over I’d love to share it on our blog!

  3. This is such a fun pathway, Katie! I love it and you did an awesome job showing how to do it!

  4. jennabows75 says:

    very informative. loved the rain dance!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Jonathan says:

    I’m going to be doing this but for a front side walk. Also I’m going to sand the logs smooth and use a simi transparent stain with 3 different tints. I’ll def take pics

    • Jonathan–thanks for stopping by. We would love to see pictures and feature your project on our blog. Now that our log pathway has been in for the past year it has held up pretty well. Excited to see how yours turns out.

    • Will the stain protect the wood from rotting? Really looking forward to seeing your photos; I’m doing a similar project for my front walkway. Think I will fill in gaps with moss though.

      • Connie–we put water sealer on the logs. It’s like any wood–you always need to reapply and refinish every so often. It won’t last forever, but the good thing is that the wood is free so you can just replace the pieces that are rotting.

  6. Hi! I love this idea! We recently (like 2 days ago) had to cut a tree down. I have been looking for ideas to use all the wood. This seems perfect! My husband thinks that we would have to let the wood dry out for a long time (he said a yr) before we could do this. Of course I don’t think it should be that long. So my question is, did you use fresh cut logs or logs that had “dried” awhile?

  7. I love it but I think I will do a front walk with glow in the dark spray. That way guest can see to walk at night.

    • Cathy awesome idea!!! This lasted a good 2 years before we just ripped it up. For it being a “free project” we are very happy with how long it lasted. We probably could have kept it longer but we are prepping our house to sell! 🙂

  8. Love this walkway and want to do this! How long do you think it would have lasted? What kind of weather do you have? I am from WI, so we get all sorts of weather. Thank you and I look forward to your reply!

    • We live in Florida where it rains almost daily. It lasted a good 2 years before we pulled it up before listing our house. We wanted to keep it but our realtor felt it didn’t do our backyard justice any more!

  9. Were these slick when wet? I also have an abundance of logs and would like to do something creative with them.

  10. Tammy Johnson says:

    We are totally gonna do this in our back yard. Does it matter if it’s pine logs or not? We’ve got some pine and sweet gum. I think I’d like to integrate both.

  11. I just figured out our new walk way! My great grandparents used 2x4s and they all need to be replaced. Ourr anch is covered in Juniper so wood will be free! Thanks for the idea! Did I miss where you tell us what you sealed the wood cuttings with? Is it in the video?

    • Hi Mel, glad we could give you a little inspiration. I believe we used Thompson’s Waterseal. They lasted for a good 2 years but we live in Florida and get a lot of rain!


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