{Video} Installing Butcher Block on a Kitchen Island

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helpful how-to video installing butcher block on a kitchen island

Today, I’m switching it up and sharing a kitchen renovation project! I know… I meant to post this weeks ago when I posted about the kitchen island custom bookcase, but then when I went to add pictures into the post I somehow could not find them. Like non-existant. So I either 1. Never took them (which I don’t doubt) or 2. my camera ate them (highly unlikely).

So that’s why it took me a little longer than usual to get this post up. After the baby shower our home sat in party dis-array until just a few days ago. And that’s when I finally got around to taking the pretty after pictures. This also means that you are now getting a glimpse of our entire kitchen (which was not in my plans), but oh-well. One thing I’m learning is that I can not plan everything so I have to let it roll off my shoulders and just go with the flow. That’s one thing this soon-to-be-mom thing has taught me. I also don’t have any during photos for this project (because remember, our camera ate them… that’s what I’m going with).  I also will tell you that when we installed the Butcher Block on the island I was at the height of my all-day sickness. So I very well could have not taken any photos.

Either way, I’m excited to share with you our video for Homes.com on how to install butcher block on a kitchen island! It was actually the easiest part of our entire counter installation. This was a half day project for us (not counting sealing the butcher block).

 {Video} Installing Butcher Block on a Kitchen Island

The butcher block countertop ads so much characteristic to the island the kitchen! Everyone at the baby shower was oooing and aweing over them (just as they did with all the cute baby clothes)! {Video} Installing Butcher Block on a Kitchen Island

And here is how much space I gained when we extended our kitchen island out! You might remember from our last video/kitchen update we shared that we added bead board to the sides of the bookcase to give more detail.

Before and After Butcher Block Island

Can you believe the transformation from what it use to look like to now. I am in love with how fresh and bright it is. Having lighter countertops definitely makes a difference!

{Video} Installing Butcher Block on a Kitchen Island

Last beauty shot of the updated island with a cute pup to model it… oh and those bar stools… we got them at Costco on a whim the other week when we were there to pick up a rotisserie chicken (we also bought a new couch on that same trip, too)! I promise I won’t wait almost a month to share the next part to our kitchen revamp!

Disclosure: We have a working relationship with Homes.com and are video brand ambassadors for 2013 (thus we are compensated). As always all opinions are our own.


  1. That makes your kitchen look so much brighter! I love the woodblock trend with countertops! You guys are so handy.

  2. That looks fantastic! What a transformation. I love how you extended it a bit also!

  3. This is incredible! I love that shelf on your island – it looks fantastic, and you’ve gained so much more storage!

  4. It looks great and the video was so informative. I want a butcher block island now.

  5. The butcher block looks awesome. I love the different it makes on the island.

  6. I love the new look! It makes the kitchen look even more inviting. Great directions, too!!

  7. I LOVE it! And he did such a great job on camera. I am hoping my guy will loosen up a bit after some practice 🙂

  8. Love it!!! The instructions and details are great. The Island looks absolutely BEAUTIFUL!! PINNING 🙂

  9. loved your video, except I would have liked to see you actually screw the butcher block back in..this is a new project for me and I am a visual learner, so video would help me..thanks

    • Hi Marie! Sorry we didn’t include that! We used brackets that were screwed to the inside of the cabinet and the top of the bottom of the butcher block. Hope that helps!

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