Baby’s First Santa Photos – 2014

Baby's First Santa PhotosYesterday, I shared 8 Tips For Surviving Baby’s First Santa Photos. I took Ryder before Thanksgiving to avoid long lines. My plan worked out perfectly. He had the best visit with Santa. So today, as promised yesterday, I’m sharing a few of our photos from our Santa photo shoot. Yes, we had a photo shoot with Santa. We got 20 awesome photos and the price was reasonable!

Baby's First Santa Picture

This is one of our favorite photos! Ryder was all smiles. 

Santa Photos with Baby

I loved the close ups with Santa.

Crying Baby Santa Photo

The whole photo shoot was a blur. It might have only taken a minute but it felt like we were there for 15 minutes. Who knows. I will say that as soon as Santa whispered in Ryder’s ear that’s where it all went down hill. I love that I have a progression of photo’s that documented the meltdown.

I like to tell people that Santa was telling Ryder he had to start sleeping through the night or else he wouldn’t get any presents for is first Christmas. 

All-in-all I’m so happy how our first visit with Santa went. I’m hoping that we have continued success throughout the years, although I have a feeling it may be very different come next year!


  1. ooohhhh so cute! Ryder is growing so fast. 🙂 Those pics with Santa are precious. I remember the old days when we got on polaroid shot ….my how times have changed!


    • Thanks Gail! I know… he’s officially Army crawling!! I’m so not ready for him to be crawling. I know I have ALL polaroids. It’s so nice that you get a cd full of digital pictures these days! 🙂

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